“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Time for a revolution.

We're heading back to the days of imperialism if not worse.

Our country was formed to get away from the tyranny that is in the works as I type.

There's a master plan at play and too many Americans are blindly going about their daily lives as the plan is enacted.

Czars that report directly to the President bypassing Congress?
Companies owned and run by the government?
"State run" (ie., government) health care?
The Census.
Now the CRAP and TAX?

The list is much longer than I just popped out. You will wake up and we'll be living in 1984, Soylent Green or some combination of all the books we toss out as "don't want to go there's".

While protests are good and great and I'll be there, we need to be organizing to get the vote out. I know the protests are great ways to energize and engage more people, they're helping to bring attention to causes and hopefully wake up a few of our sleeping Republicans. But we also need to be pounding the streets, handing out information, organizing to go door to door and more.

It is going to take non-politicians to make it happen. It's going to take you and I working our tails off like the organizers of the Tea Party groups are doing (major kudos to all of you!). More Americans HAVE to get involved. More Americans HAVE to wake up.

What is it with these idiot Republicans who voted YES for crap and tax??? Unfortunately, there are many in Washington who sell their souls daily to stay in power. They compromise their principles to appease their voters. I don't know the motivation of the turncoats who sold their countries future in the crap and tax vote. They can dress it up rhetorically any way they want, but the bottom line is they stabbed our free America in the back. One day, if history books are still being freely and truthfully written, their names will be listed in the same column we put Neville Chamberlain, Benedict Arnold and their ilk.

Our Republican politicians need to keep their pants zipped, too. Everyone is human, they fail, but man when a Republican steps over the line it becomes the world's biggest news story. It's a distraction and the press loves it. Can't you guys be good enough long enough to allow us a couple of good elections?

There are a lot of things at play right now. It's the perfect storm as everyone has become fond of saying. Every time one of our Republican politicians steps off the straight and narrow track due to egos, the idiotic thought that they can hide something, letting power mush their judgement, believing the hype or whatever, they poke a hole in our ship. The ship that is already battling the perfect storm.

Too many topics to cover... crap and tax, dallying politicians, vote rigging, protests, America asleep at the wheel.

It's time for a revolution. I'm just not sure if there are sufficient numbers of us out here who are engaged and care enough to make it happen. I hope there are, I hope we can connect and organize. Hope is not a method, but it surely is important! Hope and action combined can work miracles.

Viva la revolution. Let's get it on.

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lonestar said...

You are right on point... when is America going to wake up and realize what is happening? I am increasingly frustrated that Congress so blatantly refuses to even read the bill AGAIN and yet again they defy the will of the people - millions were calling and emailing this week and they completely ignored us.