“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, March 30, 2009

Glenn Beck, AIG and Connecticut AG Blumenthal

I look forward to watching Glenn Beck on Fox News and hate it when I miss some of his excellent rants. He seems to just cut through the fluff and get right to the core of issues. In this set of videos he takes on Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for going after the AIG bonuses. These are "must see" videos!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Obama Song

A number of my facebook friends posted this one.

ALG Calls on House to Reject Senate Changes to National Service Bill

ALG President Bill Wilson today strongly urged members of the House of Representatives to vote against amendments adopted by the Senate today that “will allow radical front groups to steal $5.7 billion under the guise of President Obama's national 'service' program.”

“The Senate has voted to gut taxpayer protections in the GIVE Act that would have prohibited lobbyists, political organizations, for-profits and labor groups from taking money under the program,” Wilson warned. “And now only the House can put a stop to it by voting to reject the Senate's amendments.”

The legislation passed the Senate by a vote of 79-19. This followed a close vote that would have put language back into the bill prohibiting the groups from participating in the program.

“The House version of the GIVE Act was amended overwhelmingly to explicitly prohibit these groups from receiving tax dollars under the program,” Wilson reminded House members in his statement.

“Now under the Senate version of the bill, the groups can receive the money, they just have to promise not to use it for the prohibited activities,” Wilson explained.

As ALG News previously reported, the House version of the bill, HR 1388, was amended in a motion to recommit by Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC). It was her amendment that had inserted the prohibitions, now in danger of being completely removed. The legislation, with Foxx's amendment included, passed the House 321-105.

Wilson warned that it will be easy for the groups prohibited under the House version to “get around toothless limits of the Senate version.”

“Because the money is fungible, or can be substituted by the organizations using accounting tricks, tax dollars will most certainly wind up being used for politics and lobbying,” Wilson explained.

“Even worse is it will be nearly impossible to enforce any prohibitions once the money starts moving. This was a bad deal for taxpayers,” Wilson said.

Wilson noted that there will not be any conference committee even though the House and Senate versions of the legislation are different.

“Because the Senate simply amended the House version of the bill, all the House now needs to do is vote to accept the Senate amendments,” said Wilson.

Wilson urged there to be a roll call on the bill. “Constituents in every single district across the nation have a right to know how their representatives vote on the Senate amendments.”

Wilson cautioned House members against overreaching. “If the House now votes to force American taxpayers to furnish money for speech with which they might not agree, we promise to remind their constituents often,” he concluded.

Update on NetRight Nation Update ;-) (G.I.V.E. Act)

The DeMint Amendment was substituted for a similar amendment from Senator David Vitter. Shortly after the email update that we sent out earlier today, the Vitter Amendment was struck down by a vote of 53-43.

To further break this vote down, 53 Democrats voted Nay. 41 Republicans voted Yay with 2 Democrats crossing over, Senators Byrd and Nelson.

One of these two scenarios is going to unfold. The Senate would adopt the Mikulski amended version of the bill. After that, it will go to conference where the Foxx amendment will most likely be struck. Should that happen, we will need to call for the defeat of the bill in its entirety.

We will keep you posted.

The other scenario is that the Senate will adopt H.R. 1388 as amended. That would then be sent back to the House where they could vote to simply accept the Senate amendments. This is the more likely outcome.

Both of these scenarios would remove any amendment similar to the Foxx amendment.

For Liberty,
Bill Wilson
President, Americans for Limited Government

NetRight Nation on HR 1388 and S 277 (G.I.V.E. Act)

Fellow Bloggers,

This week, the Democrats in the Senate and House introduced a devastating new bill – the so-called Generations Invigorating Volunteers and Education Act (S.277) – that would allow politicians to funnel billions of tax dollars to leftwing organizations that they could then use for political purposes. As a blogger, you are the front line for exposing what legislation does.

It's being done under the guise of enabling Barack Obama to build his $5 billion, 250,000-member “volunteer” youth corps – “just as powerful, just as strong” as the U.S. military, as he promised during his campaign. You may remember that chilling speech in Colorado Springs:

"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

If the so-called GIVE Act is passed in its present form, groups like ACORN and Jessie Jackson's PUSH will receive multi-million-dollar grants for lobbying, community organizing, protests, strikes – and just about any other activity they believe would further their hard left agenda. And that would mean your tax dollars would be used to pass legislation and elect politicians you absolutely oppose!

Fortunately, Sen. Jim DeMint has introduced a vital amendment to GIVE that would prohibit “advocacy” groups or groups co-located with advocacy groups from receiving any assistance under the Act. The DeMint Amendment would automatically prohibit any organization “engaged in legislative advocacy” – or working hand in hand with such organizations -- from receiving assistance under the GIVE Act. And that, of course, is exactly how it should be.

Leftwing groups and blogs are flooding the Senate with angry demands that the DeMint Amendment be defeated. They know it could cost them hundreds of millions of your tax dollars – and prevent them from using your money to disrupt our entire political system.

That's why I am asking you to join me in matching them call for call. We must fight them on the blogosphere as well. You have the power to expose this bill for what it is—a shame! Time is of the essence. The DeMint Amendment prohibiting advocacy organizations from receiving assistance under the GIVE Act could come up for a vote at any moment. We still have time to keep this language in the bill. But, we must act now!

You are on the front line in this fight! Be sure to check out the story that Adam Bitely ran on NetRight Nation today and post your own on your blog.

Please contact your Senators immediately and let them know how the DeMint Amendment's prohibition on nonprofit advocacy will help saves billions of tax dollars and prevent leftwing organizations from corrupting our political system. Tell them to vote to keep the DeMint Amendment in the bill -- and keep your tax dollars from going to groups whose policies and politics you oppose.

Government limits for athlete's and movie star's pay?

A new Rasmussen survey shows that 30% of Americans believe the government, yes, the government, should get involved in limiting the pay of athletes and movie stars.

While the pay may be astronomically ridiculous, I believe it's not just ridiculous that anyone would want the government to cap their pay, it's downright scary.

Can these people not see beyond the end of their jealous noses? Does any sane person think that having the government step into any aspect of private industry pay is a good thing?

I suppose that's a silly question. A huge number of people want the government to take back the AIG bonuses. Many want the government to stick their grubby fingers into the pockets of "fat cats" on Wall Street. Loads of people who should be mad at the government are being led by the nose to vent their ire at hardworking people.

I am so frustrated and angry with all those who are buying into Obama-tactics. Don't you think they WANT us to be mad at Wall Street? at AIG? at all those who make more money than we do? Don't you understand that we are playing right into their hands when we succumb to class envy?

The more we hate capitalists, the easier it is for them to further their quasi-socialistic (or fully socialistic) style of government.

While we're distracted with misplaced anger, they're sliding bill after bill through Congress that dramatically changes our country.

We're where we are in this country right now not simply because of "greed" as they'd like us to believe. We are here because the government mucked it up. We are here because many of us have been asleep, lulled by good times into focusing on our daily lives while ignoring what has been happening in Washington, in local government, and to the moral fiber of our country.

Remember the oft-repeated saying about how they came for this group but I wasn't a member of it so I did nothing? We are running out of groups for the government to come after. There is almost nothing left between you and big brother right now.

We all know the government doesn't know how to put out a camp fire without burning down a forest. Every time they start a program or get involved in regulating private industry it turns into a fiasco. No one in their right mind should be able to condone having the government tell any free market agency, any free individual, how much money they should make. Or how they should run their business or life.

I was appalled when I heard the stats from Senator Jim DeMint (video) saying over 50% of the American population was dependent on the government in some form or manner. 20% work for the government, 20% get social security and are on Medicare (or Medicaid, always get those two mixed up), and the remainder are on the dole with Welfare or some other similar program.

It's not surprising given those numbers that so many want more government involvement. But it is so sad. We are fast, fast, fast, becoming a nation made up of people with their hands held out for manna from the almighty government.

We have to find a way to turn this country around now. Maybe it is time for an Ayn Rand style Atlas Shrugged revolt. Maybe all the producers need to pack their bags and move to the hills. Let's all retire, then see who pays the bills for all the moochers.

You know, much as I'd like to do something like that at times, I can't. Call me Dagny Taggart if you'd like, but I'll fight until I'm forced to stop.

30% Say Government Should Limit Pay for Athletes and Movie Stars

While a great deal of public anger is focused at corporate executives these days, Johnny Depp and the Boys of Summer don't fare much better. Thirty percent (30%) of Americans believe the government should make it illegal to pay movie stars and athletes more than $1 million per year.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Honk if I'm Paying Your Mortgage Bumper Sticker

As many of your know there is a hotly contested Congressional race happening now in New York. We have a good chance of winning the seat and the Democrats know it. They are putting everything they have into winning the race. Even if you do not live in New York, this is vital. We need every Republican seat we can get as you already know.

Make a $20 donation to Jim Tedisco's campaign and you get something we've all been talking about - a bumper sticker that says "Honk if I'm paying your mortgage" (as opposed to honk if you're paying my mortgage). It's cool looking, too. You get to help win a chance for real conservative change and you get a bumper sticker, too. Can't lose on this one.



FACT: Republican congressional candidate Jim Tedisco leads in every poll

REALITY: The gap is closing as Democrat Steve Murphy is catching up to Jim Tedisco in recent polls!

REALITY: Why is the gap closing? Because BARACK OBAMA and NANCY PELOSI are desperately misleading voters because they can't afford to lose this seat – and spending MILLIONS to defeat our Republican candidate, Jim Tedisco.

FACT: So many of you have helped by sending in contributions already, and American Future Fund Political Action is putting our full resources into his race.

Earlier this week, American Future Fund Political Action launched our most successful fundraising push to date for Jim Tedisco.

Our $20 for NY-20 campaign has raised substantial funds that will be sent directly to Jim Tedisco's congressional campaign - helping him battle the Washington liberals who are desperate to defeat him.

Will you join with conservatives across the country, and send just $20 for congressional candidate Jim Tedisco? Donate today and get a free "HONK! If I'm paying your mortgage!" bumper sticker!

To understand what is at stake, you need to be aware of the following:

This is the seat vacated by Hillary Clinton's Senate replacement. We can win it back from the hands of Democrats!

The Democrat opponent of Jim Tedisco is a great friend of ultra-liberal Sen. Charles Schumer – who will stop at nothing to get his buddy elected.

Nancy Pelosi needs this vote. If she loses even one Democratic-held seat, it will be viewed as a major loss and the start of a come-back for Republicans!

TIME IS SHORT – THE ELECTION IS JUST SIX DAYS AWAY! Will you make a difference by donating $20 for NY-20 today? If you do, you will get a free "HONK! If I'm paying your mortgage!" bumper sticker!

Thank you for your support of AFF Political Action and Jim Tedisco!

Tim Albrecht
American Future Fund Political Action

P.S. – The Democrats have spent millions of dollars to close the gap. We must counter their liberal money! Donate just $20 and get a FREE "HONK! If I'm paying your mortgage!" bumper sticker today!

RedState: Stop the Budget

We need to get the Blue Dog Democrats to slow down budget approval in the House of Representatives. The vote in committee is tonight.



CALL 202-224-3121.

Ask for one of these five Congressmen:

1. Alan Boyd of Florida
2. Bob Etheridge of North Carolina
3. Charlie Melancon of Louisiana
4. Chet Edwards of Texas
5. John Yarmuth of Kentucky
Tell them to vote no on the budget tonight. We can stop the budget if you will pick up your phone right now. The vote is tonight.

Sincerely yours,
Erick Erickson
Editor, RedState.com

Daily Grind Editorial: Senate Should Affirm the Foxx Amendment

Last week, the House passed the “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Act” 325-105, a bill that establishes as a goal expanding national service organizations like AmeriCorps dramatically from 75,000 to 250,000. Gaining attention is an amendment to the bill inserted by Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) that prohibits participating not-for-profit entities from using taxpayer money for lobbying, political organizing, or other political purposes.

As the legislation proceeds through the Senate, it remains to be seen if these taxpayer protections will not ultimately be stripped out. Removing the provisions would allow taxpayer-funded not-for-profit organizations participating in the national service program to, among other things, lobby Congress for yet more tax dollars.

In essence, a vote to remove the Foxx amendment is a vote to hand yet more money over to radical groups like ACORN without any consideration as to the propriety of lobbying organizations participating in a national service program. Without Congresswoman Foxx's amendment, the legislation will, without a doubt, move billions of dollars into hundreds, if not thousands, of left-leaning organizations and special interest groups.

Ultimately, the GIVE Act is a bad bill as it seeks to achieve an unnecessary purpose. Expanding national “service” via funding of non-profit entities, that just turn around to lobby government for more money, and also give millions in campaign contributions, is simply pay-to-play corruption. The organizations that give the most, get the most. This system has perpetuated for decades.

And now Mrs. Foxx may bring an end to it all.

That is why an amendment to an otherwise bad piece of legislation prohibiting individuals and organizations that participate in national service programs would at from engaging in lobbying, and also prevented from co-locating upon the same premises as organizations that lobby must be preserved. It is the least Congress can do, if the bill must pass, to protect American taxpayers who grow weary of the constant deluge of waste, fraud, and abuses by government.

However, as the bill moves through the Senate the danger exists that members will strip out the Foxx amendment, either in the Senate or in conference. The message they must hear from their constituents is that a vote against the Foxx amendment is a vote in favor of national 'service' organizations engaging in lobbying on the taxpayer's dime. It is a vote funnel tax dollars to radical organizations.

Americans for Limited Government promises to release information on campaign contributions from organizations participating in national service programs to members of Congress that vote to remove the Foxx amendment from the bill. They should consider this notice.

Members must understand that they are being watched closely, and ALG News urges news outlets to hold representatives and senators accountable for where they wind up standing on this issue. A vote to remove the Foxx amendment can only be viewed for what it is: a vote in favor of lobbying with tax dollars and against taxpayers.

ALG CTA: Please encourage your Senator not to strip the Foxx amendment out of the 'GIVE Act'. Non-profits should not use tax payer money to lobby, politically organize or support lunatic liberal causes! Your member of Congress may be reached through the Capitol Operator at 202-224-3121.


Bill Wilson; The Daily Grind; NetRight Nation
(Great info, highly encourage you to sign up for their updates)

Mandatory government service for our kids?

There's been a LOT of discussion across the conservative Internet regarding HR 1388 ("Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act" (GIVE Act)), now S 3577 (National Service Reauthorization Act) in the Senate.

I've watched and been reading the email alerts and various blogs, but haven't really had time to fully delve into the details. I still haven't had time to read the entire bill itself, not that I'd grasp it fully if I did given the way they legaleeze the language! Plus, I note there have been a number of amendments.

It seems innocent enough. After all, every President in recent years has had some sort of somewhat similar volunteer service group.


I do not like what I read under section 6104 of the bill, entitled “Duties.” In subsection B6, the legislation states that a commission will be set up to investigate, “Whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed, and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.”

Mandatory service? Ah, are we talking kid draft? What happens if the parents don't WANT their child indoctrinated into service? brain washed into whatever brand of social consciousness that the government deems politically correct?

Where are we headed with this bill?

Even if it's not mandatory now, what kind of pressure will your child experience if he or she doesn't participate? Will they be ostracized? Will you get notes from the school talking about how your child isn't fitting in?

There is the possibility of uniforms included in the language of the bill, too. Not to mention the cost: $6 (six) billion (with a b) over the next five years.

Section 120 of the bill also discusses the “Youth Engagement Zone Program”. It states that “service learning” will be “a mandatory part of the curriculum in all of the secondary schools served by the local educational agency”.

It sounds innocuous doesn't it? It's giving. It's service to help your country. We're taking potentially troubled kids, along with your child, and giving them a cause. We're teaching them to have big hearts and give, give, give.

Tell me, do you like what your children are being taught now in school? I'm not talking about reading, writing and arithmetic. I'm talking about the social aspect of the teaching that happens in schools. You buy supplies for your child and they're put in a communal closet so that other children can use them, too. The less-privileged. Sounds good doesn't it? You're helping the less fortunate. Uh, take from the "rich" (aka, anyone who has more than me) and give to the poor? To each his own needs?

What about the 'everyone is a winner' mantra we hear so often these days? No cheering at school ball games? Not keeping scores? Not handing out awards unless everyone gets one of some sort? Reading books about Sally or Joe having two Moms or two Dads. You can add your own examples to this list, there are many.

It's subtle in some cases, like some of the examples I just mentioned, but add it to all the other seemingly benign teachings and by the time your child is dumped into the "real" world their outlook on life capitalism, free-market, the 'rich' can be totally warped.

We're breeding competition out of our children's lives. We're teaching our children that it's bad to be better than the kid at the desk next to them.

Extremes on EITHER end of the spectrum are not good.

I just took a break to go walk on the treadmill. While walking I popped on Fox and Friends and, in the name of good timing, I saw a bit for the first time they call "The Trouble with Text Books". Once a week they're highlighting three factual errors or problems in the text books used to teach our children.

One of the examples from this morning's batch dovetails perfectly with what I was just writing. In American Passages, a full page is devoted to Cindy Sheehan. That's Cindy Sheehan of protest fame, the one who inserted herself into the anti-war movement. Sheehan is being held up to our children as an example? an icon?

We're on a slippery, slippery slope right now.

In one bill there's a bit about the possibility of forced social service. In another bill they insert a change that affects charitable giving. In another they undermine the right for physicians and medical workers not to perform actions that go against their belief system.

Buried deep in the bowels of multi-page bills in language that even those voting on can't decipher a word is changed, a sentence is inserted, and pretty soon we have a completed a puzzle of an American coffin. It holds the dead body of capitalism, free speech and freedom of religion.

We as concerned Americans have to look at the big picture and watch the details at the same time.

I don't believe this bill is good for the future of our country. It appears to be more social engineering in the name of good works.

Here's some of the language in the Senate bill:



(a) In General- From the amounts appropriated to carry out this part for a fiscal year, the Corporation may make grants and fixed-amount grants (in accordance with section 129
(l)) with eligible entities for activities described in subsection (c).

`(b) Definitions- For purposes of this part, the following definitions apply:`

(1) ELIGIBLE ENTITIES- The term `eligible entity' means a State education agency, a State Commission, a Territory, an Indian tribe, an institution of higher education, or a public or private nonprofit organization (including community-based organizations), a public or private elementary or secondary school, a local educational agency, or a consortia of such entities, where a consortia of two or more such entities may also include a for-profit organization.

`(2) YOUTH ENGAGEMENT ZONE- The term `youth engagement zone' means the area in which a youth engagement zone program is carried out.`

(3) YOUTH ENGAGEMENT ZONE PROGRAM- The term `youth engagement zone program' means a service learning program in which members of an eligible partnership described in paragraph (4) collaborate to provide coordinated school-based or community-based service learning opportunities, to address a specific community challenge, for an increasing percentage of out-of-school youth and secondary school students served by local educational agencies where --

`(A) not less than 90 percent of the students participate in service-learning activities as part of the program; or

`(B) service-learning is a mandatory part of the curriculum in all of the secondary schools served by the local educational agency.

Authorized Activities- Funds under this part may be used to--

`(1) integrate service-learning programs into the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curricula at the elementary, secondary, or post-secondary, and post-baccalaureate levels in coordination with practicing or retired STEM professionals;
`(2) involve students in service-learning programs focusing on energy conservation in their community, including conducting educational outreach on energy conservation and working to improve energy efficiency in low income housing and in public spaces;
`(3) involve students in service-learning projects in emergency and disaster preparedness;
`(4) involve students in service-learning projects aimed at improving access to and obtaining benefits from computers and other emerging technologies, including improving such access to individuals with disabilities, in low income or rural communities, in senior centers and communities, in schools, in libraries, and in other public spaces;
`(5) involve high school age youth in the mentoring of middle school youth while involving all participants in service-learning to seek to meet unmet human, educational, environmental, public safety, or emergency disaster preparedness needs in their community;
`(6) conduct research and evaluations on service-learning, including service-learning in middle schools, and disseminate such research and evaluations widely;
`(7) conduct innovative and creative activities as described in section 111(b);
`(8) establish or implement summer of service programs (giving priority to programs that enroll youth in grades 6 through 9) during the summer months, including the cost of recruitment, training, and placement of service-learning coordinators--
`(A) for youth who will be enrolled in any grade from grade 6 through grade 12 at the end of the summer concerned;
`(B) for community-based service-learning projects that--
`(i) shall--
`(I) meet unmet human, educational, environmental (including energy conservation and stewardship), emergency and disaster preparedness, and public service needs; and
`(II) be intensive, structured, supervised, and designed to produce identifiable improvements to the community; and
`(ii) may include the extension of academic year service-learning programs into the summer months;

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Georgia Residents go Door-to-Door in Support of President Obama’s Budget

Just thought I'd pass this one along... Wonder if we should be organizing to go door to door to explain just what Obama, Pelosi and friends are doing to our country? freedoms? government? children's future???? economy?

This is going on across the country. What you want to bet that ACORN is helping, too? Can we say "brainwash"? I left off the dates and times, don't want to help in any way on this one.

I find the following SCARY.

Georgia Residents go Door-to-Door in Support of President Obama’s Budget

Organizing for America Canvassers Call on Neighbors to Help Rebuild and Renew America by Passing President's Budget

On Saturday, Organizing for America (OFA), the grassroots and volunteer network which came together to help elect President Obama in November, will launch a nationwide canvassing effort in support of President Obama’s proposed budget plan. Citizens across Georgia will canvass their communities to let their friends and neighbors know about the President’s plan to invest in America's future, improve health care and education, create green jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and cut the deficit in half over the next four years. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have already signaled their support for the Organizing for America Pledge Project – part of an OFA project to identify and mobilize support for the economic vision President Obama outlined in his budget. OFA is also encouraging Americans to call their Members of Congress and urge them to support the plan.

"Across the nation, people are suffering," said Mitch Stewart, Director of Organizing for America which is a project of the Democratic National Committee. "The President has a bold plan to invest in America's future and get our economy moving again, and now he needs our help to turn his budget into law. That's why it's so important for Americans on Saturday to go door-to-door and talk to their neighbors about the President’s plan and ask them for their support. The President has made great strides in turning the economy around with passage of his jobs and economic recovery package. However, to ensure long term economic growth, we must make health care more affordable, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and improve education - all priorities the President has outlined in his budget plan and which are part of the change he promised to bring to Washington. The vast majority of Americans support the President on these issues because they know they are critical to long term economic growth and to creating jobs. The canvasses on Saturday, the pledge drive and the calls to Congress are all designed to put our elected officials in Washington on notice that Americans expect that the change President Obama campaigned for becomes reality."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Isakson Criticizes AIG Bonuses, Repeats Call for Independent Commission to Investigate Near Collapse of Banking System

‘We Must Begin to Find the Answers That the American People Demand’

During a speech on the Senate floor, U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., today criticized the $165 million in bonuses and retention pay distributed by the American International Group and repeated his call to create a Financial Markets Commission to fully investigate the near collapse of the banking system and the loss of tens of trillions of dollars.

“We were all reminded yesterday when word of the AIG bonus payouts hit the news of the frustration the American people have with the financial difficulties this nation is experiencing. We must begin to find the answers that all of us seek and that the American public demands,” Isakson said. “I urge my colleagues to look at the Financial Markets Commission. We can learn from the mistakes that have been made, we can put in the transparency necessary to prevent it from happening in the future and we can restore the confidence of the American people.”

On Jan. 22, Isakson and Kent Conrad, D-N.D., introduced legislation to create a seven-member, bipartisan Financial Markets Commission. The commission is modeled after the 9-11 Commission, which thoroughly and independently investigated the failures leading up to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and made sound recommendations on where we needed to improve to prevent another attack in the future.

Likewise, the Financial Markets Commission will have one year to investigate all the circumstances that led to this financial crisis. The panel will have the authority to refer to the U.S. Attorney General and state attorneys general any evidence that institutions or individuals may have violated existing laws. At the end of its investigation, the Commission will report to the President and to the Congress its recommendations for statutory or regulatory changes necessary to protect our country from a repeat of this financial collapse.

This bipartisan Commission shall include two appointees by the President and one appointee each from the Speaker of the House, the House Republican Leader, the Senate Democratic Leader, the Senate Republican Leader and the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Co-sponsors of the legislation include Sens. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., John Cornyn, R-Texas, Bill Nelson, D-Fla., James Risch, R-Idaho, Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, and Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I.

Obama Moves to Disarm U.S. Commercial Pilots

The Obama administration is taking steps quietly to shut down the program that qualifies commercial airline pilots to carry firearms in jetliner cockpits in order to ward off another 9/11-type attack. Read the Full Story -- Go Here Now

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Terri's Day" to Be Observed in Remembrance of Terri Schiavo

From Priests for Life:

Ave Maria University will host "The National Mass for Terri's Day"

Dear Friend:

Terri's Foundation and Priests for Life once again invite individuals, families, Churches and organizations to observe the "International Day of Prayer and Remembrance for Terri Schindler Schiavo, and All of Our Vulnerable Brothers and Sisters" ("Terri's Day") on March 31, the fourth anniversary of Terri's death. The two organizations established this day last year to foster education, prayer, and activism regarding discrimination against the disabled, and advocacy for people in situations similar to what Terri and her family faced.

Ave Maria University will host "The National Mass for Terri's Day" on Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 5:15pm ET. All are invited to attend. The Mass will take place at The Oratory, Ave Maria University, 5050 Ave Maria Boulevard, Ave Maria, FL 34142. Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, will be the main celebrant and Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, President of Human Life International, will join him.

Suzanne Vitadamo, Terri's sister, and Bobby Schindler, her brother, stated on behalf of the family, "Sadly, our recent headlines are a clear indication that what happened to Terri is only getting worse. We are seeing that many of our institutions caring for our most vulnerable are being encouraged to devalue the sanctity of human life. Indeed, this is influenced by a very strong pro-death movement continuing to work very hard to legitimize euthanasia and assisted suicide."

Fr. Frank Pavone, who was with Bobby and Suzanne at Terri's bedside as she was dying, said, "As we consoled Terri and prayed with her, what I felt most strongly was the presence of countless people around the world who, by their love, prayers, and tears, accompanied Terri and her family through those difficult days. I am confident that these same individuals, families, and Churches will want to observe Terri's Day."

You can visit Terri's Foundation ( www.TerrisFight.org) and Priests for Life ( www.PriestsForLife.org) to learn more about defending the vulnerable. The website www.TerrisDay.org also provides suggestions for observing Terri's Day.

Priests for Life

Give Steele Some Time

I had mixed feelings during the last RNC chair election. I liked Michael Steele based on his appearances on Sean Hannity and other shows. I thought he'd make a good spokesperson and I liked the fact that he was known and popular. I wasn't 100% sure about his core beliefs, but I knew him to be a strong conservative.

However, I really liked some of the other candidates, too. I wasn't familiar with all, but Saul Anuzis and Katon Dawson were two strong conservative candidates. Either one would have done an outstanding job.

I stayed fairly neutral during the selection process although I watched it closely. When it was all said and done and Steele won, I was pleased with his strong finish and thought the change would bode well for the Republican Party.

Steele has had a few ups and downs since taking the helm. Being the RNC Chairman means having every little thing you say parsed to the nth degree. Steele was used to being controversial. His role on talk shows was to spice things up, debate and provoke. Not so with the position he's in now. He has to talk smooth, not ruffle feathers (unless they're Democratic plumes) and pull everyone in the Party together.

Pulling all the various factions in the Republican Party together is not an easy task as anyone on "our" side knows. Herding cats is an oft-used phrase that pops into conversations dealing with pulling us all together.

Conservatives are principled and generally don't like to compromise on their principles. It's easy for us to love our brother, but not so easy to vote for him if his views on abortion are different than ours. It's easy to embrace and try to convert our agnostic sister, but impossible for some to vote for her.

There's a lot of debate going on right now in the Party. Big tent or straight and narrow? Follow the Ronald Reagan path or broaden into moderate territory? Win at any cost or take a chance on losing by sticking with conservative principles?

I'm one who falls into the stick with your true conservative principles court. What's the point of winning the battle (election) if we lose the war (our country, our principles)?

I'm still not exactly sure where Steele falls on all the various issues I raised above. He has certainly stirred the pot in some pretty negative ways. You don't go after Rush Limbaugh and expect to win many friends. Even those who don't like him know he is a powerhouse and he speaks straight.

Steele's recent comments on abortion have another faction up in arms. Can't say I blame them. I am pro-life. Strongly. However, I don't think it should be the ONLY issue we use as a yardstick for measuring the worth of our candidates. It's a tough one though. If someone ran and said they were pro-murder, there is no way anyone, left or right of the great divide, would vote for them.

There's isn't much in the way of middle ground on the abortion issue, which is why it's like storming through a well-seeded field of land mines. No way you're not going to step on one.

I have a friend who loves Ronald Reagan. She has a room devoted to him and a huge bust of him that you see as you walk in her front door. She is pro-choice. She is as conservative as you can get except in that one area. She bleeds red, white and blue. She keeps her mouth shut when the issue comes up and knows she'll never be able to run for office as long as she holds her current view on abortion. Should we kick her out of the Party? I don't think so.

Despite the early controversy I'm still pulling for Steele. I think he has a lot to learn and he has to reshape his way of thinking when it comes to speaking. I am still very open minded and optimistic. He needs to get his act together fairly quickly though if we're going to be successful in the next round of elections.

Despite Steele's rough start, many in GOP optimistic
The new party chair has been mired in internal feuds, but expectations for next elections are building.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Recommending NetRight Daily

I like to share good things with my readers and this is one I'm not sure I've shared before. If I haven't it's a huge oversight! I get an update from www.netrightnation.com in my inbox every day that is always chocked full of excellent info. Here's today's NetRight Daily:

Pelosi Lied: Did Pelosi ask for a larger plane? This is no longer a question, but rather a fact. She did. Now the Speaker must explain why she lied.

A Taxpayer Revolution: When New Hampshire became the 9th state to ratify the proposed U.S. Constitution, the nation's most important founding document was finally brought into full effect. Now, 221 years later, the state may again surge to the forefront of history as its newly enacted local spending caps portend a revolt of the populace against the out-of-control spending so prevalent in today's political “bailout” culture.

Chris Dodd's Irish 'Cottage': The Senate Ethics Committee has been looking into possible conflicts of interest in Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd's 2003 mortgages. Now questions about another Dodd real-estate adventure, this one in Ireland, should keep the Ethicists even busier. All the more because Mr. Dodd's "cottage" purchase involves a crooked stock trader for whom the Senator once did a very big political favor.

New Blog: Freedom Watch with the Judge: Fox News's Judge Napolitano has started a blog where he will archive episodes of his show, Freedom Watch.

Beating Back Judicial Activism in Missouri: When the Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution, careful attention was given to prevent the encroachment of one particular government body over another. As a result, surgical precision was dedicated to sculpting an intricate, three-branch system of government that kept tabs on itself by design.

FBI Raid on Obama Appointee Office: Federal agents this morning are searching the Judiciary Square office of Washington, D.C.'s Chief Technology Officer.

Trading Places: For years, the Communist Chinese have been the butt of American jokes for their Maoist principles and centralized government planning.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I want to be half as smart as Hans Von Spakovsky

When my brain grows up I'll be happy if it's half as smart as Hans Von Spakovsky. I was privileged to get to know Hans when he was in Atlanta going through the Coverdell Institute. I had no idea that this fun-loving, sharp talking guy was anywhere near as brilliant as I've since discovered. Since he left us for Washington D.C., I've kept up with him via his writings, the Institute and his appearances on various shows.

Why am I writing about Hans? He is a "Visiting Legal Scholar" at the Heritage Foundation. Every day I get an update from the Foundation and occasionally he is quoted or writes. Even when he doesn't write, seeing the update makes me think of him, however fleetingly.

He isn't mentioned in the article below, nor does he probably have anything to do with it. But I have long neglected giving him a shout out and kudos for doing so much to help the conservative cause. We in the conservative side of the political spectrum are blessed to have people like Hans on our side.

Now, on to why I thought of Hans, the Morning Bell.

Today's Morning Bell from the Heritage Foundation focuses on Omnibus package and its impact on some students. Something you may or may not hear about in the mainstream media is the fact that by signing the $410 Omnibus package (you know, the one with thousands of, gasp, earmarks) Obama is kicking two kids out of his daughter's school. The two students are only able to attend the school due to a scholarship that Obama kills with the stroke of a pen.

It seems to me that if he cared as much about the children as he says he does, if all the "regular" people were at least as important in his estimation as the unions, he'd veto the bill and make them bring him one that was earmark free.

Instead he is countering his so-called principles by tossing underprivileged students out of schools and signing a bill with un-needed earmarks. Then, to add more poop to his mud-pie, he's going to tell us about earmark reform.

The other day he treated us to his view of education. It includes fun things like increased time in school, also known as the babysitting and daycare killing provision.

Here's the Morning Bell from the Heritage Foundation which sparked all of the thoughts above... whew. As always, the Bell is chocked full of information that I wish I had written or thought of myself:

The “Same Chance” Obama Had

Outlining his educational policy yesterday, President Barack Obama said: “And I want every child in this country to have the same chance that my mother gave me, that my teachers gave me, that my college professors gave me, that America gave me.” These are wonderful words, but unless President Obama vetoes the $410 billion omnibus spending bill heading towards his desk, he will fall far short of living up to them.

Inserted into the omnibus’ 1,132 pages is language dictated to Congress by teachers’ unions killing 1,700 scholarships that enable kindergarten through 12th grade students from low-income families in the District of Columbia to attend private schools. Conservatives in the Senate fought to strip the provision from the bill last night, but were defeated by the liberal majority.

The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program was passed by Congress in January 2004 and approximately 7,200 children have applied for the 1,700 spots in the program. A 2008 Department of Education study found that after just 19 months of instruction, scholarship students realized slightly higher academic achievement than those students who applied but were not lucky enough to secure a spot in the program. A more recent University of Arkansas study has shown that parents are overwhelmingly satisfied with their children’s experience in the program. Common reasons for this higher level of satisfaction included appreciation for the ability to choose their child’s school and the success their children are having in their new school environments.

President Obama and his administration are very familiar with the empowering benefits school choice brings to families struggling to educate their children. Growing up in Chicago, Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan attended a private school. Growing up in Hawaii, President Obama attended a private school. Growing up first in Chicago, and now in Washington, Obama’s two daughters attended and still attend private schools. In fact, two of Obama’s daughter’s classmates are able to attend Sidwell Friends thanks to the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program. By signing the omnibus spending bill, Obama will be denying these children the “same chance” he had as a child.

Some in the media are portraying Obama’s speech as “tough talk on teachers” since the president said he wanted to spend additional money on “effective” teachers. But the teachers unions were in no way disappointed with what Obama actually said. National Education Association president Dennis Van Roekel said: “I think people are putting words in his mouth and jumping to conclusions about what he supports.” American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten added: “The devil is in the details, and it is important that teachers’ voices are heard when we implement the president’s vision.”

Well, the voices of teachers unions are already being heard, and unless President Obama does something about it, those voices will cost 1,700 children the “same chance” President Obama had to school choice.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

If it weren't for the rest of the stuff, I'd be laughing

Most Democrats, many Independents, and even a few Republicans flocked to Obama because he promised "Change" with a capital C. War on terror? Gone. Excess spending? Gone. Huge government, excesses? Gone. Earmarks? Gone. The schism between the two Parties? Gone.

Everyone from the media to the mindless masses swallowed his lines and gulped the kool-aide.

Now we're living with the reality of Obamavision.

War? Shift the troops to Afghanistan and pull 'em back from Iraq. When are the troops coming home? Roughly the same time President Bush said they'd be coming home and a bit further out than Obama originally promised.

Excess spending? Without the stimulus-porkulus-scamulus package Obama's budget still, especially coupled with the $410 billion Omnibus package and all the other bits he's doling out, makes Bush look like Ebenezer Scrooge.

Cutting back on government? Hold on, I am having to laugh at this one... picture busy little bees building glorious hives, ever expanding hives, bzzzzz, bzzzz... except the end result sure isn't going to be sweet. Maybe a better analogy would have been the killer ants that sweep through areas decimating them.

Earmarks? He stood strong on that one for all of about ten seconds didn't he? Have you ever heard such a lame excuse as the one he is using to justify the signing of the killer Omnibus (if it gets through, when it gets through). He's not going to veto the bill that President Bush said he'd veto because it was something that got started during the "I'll veto it" Bush administration. Wouldn't it make a bit more sense to say, well, President Bush wouldn't approve it during his administration, and I don't believe in earmarks, so I will veto it unless you strip the earmarks?

I wish every Republican who had an earmark in the Omnibus would stand up and ask to have it dropped from the bill. Wouldn't that say something? It would also take "true grit" and we know that's something many of our Republicans haven't got. Yet.

Kumbaya, love and happiness between the Republicans and Democrats? Sure, Obama said he was a miracle worker. Then he starts pumping out advanced socialism (as opposed to socialism 101), starts printing money like it's not real, raids the kids piggy banks for generations to come, ignores the Republicans, goes on a rampage to reverse every good thing President Bush and / or the Republicans ever did and then invites everyone to share a group hug. Kind of hard to hug someone who's slapping and kicking you.

So now Obama is channeling Cheney in regards to wire-tapping according to the Wall Street Journal. Anyone surprised?

You know, if he weren't destroying the country with all his actions, I'd be laughing at the fools who voted for this man. I'd be saying "I told you so." You wanted change? However, while he may not be keeping those campaign promises that drew the crowds, he's making other changes that are bad-news serious. Seems he's managing to alienate people on both sides of the aisle. An equal opportunity destructo machine.

Based on the poll numbers it appears that many are still in la-la land when it comes to seeing the reality of what's going on. Obama is out there campaigning and selling his wares just as successfully it seems. I pray our fellow citizens wake up before his actions take us too far over the brink.

Obama Channels Cheney
The Obama Administration this week released its predecessor's post-9/11 legal memoranda in the name of "transparency," producing another round of feel-good Bush criticism. Anyone interested in President Obama's actual executive-power policies, however, should look at his position on warrantless wiretapping. Dick Cheney must be smiling.

In a federal lawsuit, the Obama legal team is arguing that judges lack the authority to enforce their own rulings in classified matters of national security. The standoff concerns the Oregon chapter of the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, a Saudi Arabian charity that was shut down in 2004 on evidence that it was financing al Qaeda. Al-Haramain sued the Bush Administration in 2005, claiming it had been illegally wiretapped.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Daley leaning towards Illinois Senate bid

Yesterday's news, but I didn't read it until today, so it's new for me... and maybe for you.

Former Commerce Secretary William Daley is leaning toward running for the Senate seat President Obama once held, sources close to Daley tell The Hill.

> Read More

Obama articles that caught my eye

Obama Administration: No on Nuclear Energy
More pieces fell into place today regarding the new Administration’s desire to end America’s access to low-cost energy, and replace it with high-cost wind and solar power.
Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee heard from Treasury Secretary Geithner, who said that it’s the wrong policy choice to “subsidize” oil, gas and coal producers by allowing them to operate as they always have.

A Backlash Against Obama's Budget
BusinessWeek - USAThe target is the aggressive domestic agenda laid out in President Barack Obama's first budget. Private health insurers are mobilizing to fend off Obama's ...

Obama’s ‘shared sacrifice’ means taking from rich
Houston Chronicle - United StatesBy JONAH GOLDBERG Barack Obama proclaimed many times during the campaign, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” He and his throngs of supporters preened ...

Critics Say Obama's Focus-Group Approach More Style Than Substance
US President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the White House forum on health reform in Washington, March 5, 2009. REUTERS For the second time in as many ...

Senate preparing huge spending bill for Obama
The Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) — Senate leaders hoped Thursday to clear for President Barack Obama a huge spending bill that awards big increases to domestic programs and ...

Barack Obama's UK PR Disaster - Nile Gardiner - The Corner on ...
Barack Obama's UK PR Disaster [Nile Gardiner]. Not content with throwing out a bust of Sir Winston Churchill from the Oval Office, President Obama did his best to keep the British press corps out as well from yesterday’s White House ...
The Corner - http://corner.nationalreview.com/

Why Mommy Is A Republican: Obama and His Teleprompter Addiction
By Lisa Graas Member Blog...
Why Mommy Is A Republican - http://genuinegopmom.blogspot.com/

The Intellectual Redneck: Obama reaffirms support for "card check"
By The Intellectual Redneck ... The Intellectual Redneck - http://bloggingredneck.blogspot.com/

Conservative Congressmen Hammer Geithner Over Obama's Planned Tax Hikes, Cap-and-Trade
Washington (CNSNews.com) – Three conservative Republican lawmakers -- Reps. Paul Ryan (Wis.), Cynthia Lummis (Wyo.) and Mario Diaz-Balart (Fla.) -- pounded on Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Thursday over the Obama administration’s plans to impose new tax increases and a national cap-and-trade program as the economy emerges from recession. Geithner said the administration would not call for tax increases or push for cap-and-trade until after the economy had begun to recover.

Biden Says Stimulus Is Aimed at Boosting Union Jobs
(CNSNews.com) - Vice President Joe Biden, expressing his solidarity with organized labor, told the AFL-CIO Executive Committee on Thursday that "rebuilding our broken economy gives us the opportunity to get it right and reward workers." Union workers. “We're going to make sure that in every policy, every decision, we don't lose sight of the folks that brought us to the dance,” he said -- a nod to organized labor’s support of the Obama-Biden ticket.

E-Verify Update --- Time Sensitive

Here is an imporant update on E-Verify from Aspasia. I have a nasty case of strep and have been off the grid so missed posting this yesterday, may have been the first time in years that I didn't do anything on the computer!

I just saw that earlier today (yesterday now, sorry late posting!) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blocked an attempt to add the E-Verify amendment to the Omnibus Appropriations bill and any chance for a possible roll call vote. I guess I should not be surprised!!

Here is some quick information for your readers if you post this request for help.
Please contact your Senators today (and often). Go to: http:www.numbersusa.com/content/

According to recent analysis, as many as 300,000 illegal aliens could receive jobs funded by the stimulus bill! According to estimates from the Pew Hispanic Center, roughly 7.7 million illegal immigrants are employed in the U.S. in 2008. These are all jobs that currently unemployed U.S. workers–both citizens and legal immigrants–could and should have a chance to fill.

Employers who break the law by hiring illegal immigrants create unfair competition in the labor market and depress wages for all workers.

We Need Your Help Today!! With so many Americans out of work we need E-Verify!!

Please Fax Your Senators Today, It Only Takes a Minute!!

Go to: http:www.numbersusa.com/content/

Toomey Says He WILL Challenge Specter

I posted something last week or earlier this week saying Toomey was reconsidering a run against Specter. Well now it looks like he's definitely in. I hear he's a real tough guy, very conservative, too.

From what I've read and been told, if the Republican Party hadn't backed Specter last go around, Toomey would have taken the seat. The "old" Republican Party faithfuls stuck with their wishy-washy kinda-sorta Republican sure thing and guess what we now have? A porkulus package that has this country on a grease-slicked slide into socialism.

I'm backing Toomey.

Toomey to challenge Specter again - By Aaron Blake Former
Rep. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) will challenge Sen. Arlen Specter in a primary for the second straight cycle, according to Pennsylvania newspaper GOP sources.
> Read More

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Congress Expires Critical Tool for Screening Illegal Alien Employment

From W.A.M.:

The E-Verify Program, on which businesses across the country rely to screen employment of illegal aliens expires this Friday, March 6.

E-Verify has been in use since 1997 by businesses nationwide - but Congress appears to be 'hoping' Americans won't notice that they removed the extension of this regulation from the "Stimulus Plan" and the issue has been ignored and screened out of Mass Media news coverage.

LET'S SHOW WASHINGTON WE ARE PAYING ATTENTION and we are opposed to the hiring of illegal aliens.

SIGN the Urgent E-VERIFY PETITION Now - and send this link to your friends to sign on in support of this "Smart Business Practice."


Monday, March 2, 2009

Pat Toomey says Challenge to Specter "now back on the table"

Former Congressman Pat Toomey (R, PA-15), the current Club for Growth President, just announced on Bobby Gunther Walsh's 1-On-1 Show, WAEB, 790AM, that a Primary challenge to Senator Arlen Specter is "now back on the table." Mr. Toomey acknowledged that Senator Specter cast the deciding vote "on the very worrisome stimulus Bill, when he could have negotiated with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama for more productive tax cuts and less wasteful spending." Pennsylvanians need to do some soul searching about who will really represent us in the Senate. Pat Toomey would not be the 100th Person in the Senate. He would serve Pennsylvania through principled leadership and with acute thinking. As an entrepreneur, former investment banker, businessowner, co-founder of a local Lehigh Valley bank, Congressman, and national policy leader, Mr. Toomey will give instant credibilityand acumen to banking and finance issues on Capitol Hill. He is a fiscal and social Conservative.

Citizens for Ron Shegda 2010

A message from Ron Shegda to all members of Team Sarah Pennsylvania on Team Sarah!

(Note: Toomey had indicated he was going to run for Governor earlier, did not want to try again for Senate.)

Heritage Foundation: The Obama Tax and Spend Economy is Here

Love the Heritage Foundation, the world isn't right until I've read my Morning Bell. Always have great insights and a clear, consise look at what's going on in our world:

Yesterday, just weeks after they signed their economic stimulus plan, the White House released a statement claiming credit for the reopening of a window and door factory in Chicago, Illinois. Vice President Joe Biden said, “The reopening of this factory and the rehiring of these workers provide an excellent example of how the money in the Recovery Act is targeted to spur job creation quickly.” If the Obama Administration is going to claim credit for every job created since they were elected, then if they are honest, they should also take the blame for every job lost. Since President Barack Obama was elected on November 4, 2008, the Dow has dropped 2,562 points. This past Friday, the Commerce Department reported that the U.S. economy shrank by 6.2%, making it the worst quarter since 1982. Many economists predict that labor data to be released this Friday will show that as many as 700,000 jobs were lost in February.

Breaking Down the Energy Budget

Why has our economic downturn only accelerated since President Obama took office? Because the Obama Administration’s policies amount to a declaration of war on the investors, entrepreneurs and small businesses that make our economy grow. The budget released last week only confirmed the worst fears about the direction the Obama Administration wants to take the country.

Taxes: At a time when only the economists on the White House payroll believe our economy is about to recover, the Obama Administration plans to raise taxes on the American people by almost $2 trillion. The first $1.3 trillion of these taxes are aimed at the highest earning Americans, corporations, and small businesses. According to Heritage Foundation senior analyst Brian Riedl, while the top 20% of taxpayers now pay 80% of all taxes collected by the government, under the Obama plan, the top 20% of tax filers would pay 90% of all taxes, and the number of families who owe no tax would climb to near 50%. Riedl warns: “You can only increase taxes on the rich so much before they stop working, saving and investing, and that reduces economic growth for everybody.”

Then there is the $646 billion tax hike on every American. The Obama Administration euphemistically refers to these taxes as “climate revenues” from their planned carbon capping scheme. But make no mistake: government taxes on energy will be passed on to the consumer. And the deadweight loss from this massive and regressive tax hike doesn’t even include the costs of the invasive new government monitoring of all economic activity necessary to make the plan work.

Spending: Obama’s budget proposes $1.13 trillion in regular discretionary spending for 2010. This is a full 12% increase over the 2009 spending baseline. On top of this the Obama budget increases entitlement spending by another $700 billion. The proposed post-recession spending level of 22% of GDP has been exceeded only 8 times in the post-war era. And these numbers do not include the spending priorities of the unchecked far left in Congress.

The Chicago Tribune reports today “President Barack Obama will break a campaign pledge against congressional earmarks and sign a budget bill laden with millions in lawmakers’ pet projects … Taxpayers for Common Sense, a watchdog group, identified almost 8,600 earmarks totaling $7.7 billion.”

Deficits: The Obama budget claims to cut the deficit in half by 2012, but relies on audaciously optimistic economic forecasts that no one believes in. Adding the “stimulus” bill to a realistic budget baseline yields a projected 2010-2017 cumulative budget deficit of $8.4 trillion – 2.5 times the size of President Bush’s deficits over the same 8-year time period. Before the recession, revenues were 18 percent of GDP and spending was 20 percent. After the recession, President Obama would maintain revenues at 19 percent of GDP, and spending at 22 percent. In other words, all new tax revenues would finance new spending, rather than deficit reduction. President Obama’s structural budget deficit would exceed President Bush’s.

Defending Obama’s budget on Meet the Press this Sunday, Democratic Leadership Council chairman Harold Ford Jr. said, “In November voters said, “We want a different path.” If it doesn’t work, [Obama]’s indicated, “I own this budget. I own this economy.” Exactly.

Will Specter vote with Dems on card check?

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) -- Twenty-nine years into his U.S. Senate career, Arlen Specter cast what he calls his most difficult vote -- a "yes" on the $787 billion economic stimulus bill that made him the only Republican facing re-election in 2010 to support it. Now, with GOP anger still simmering, Specter is under pressure to buck the party again and support "card check" legislation to make it easier for workers to form unions.

++ Read More

If Specter does this I think we need to force him out of the Republican Party. I'd like to do it now. I hope the RNC works to find and support a strong Republican candidate to run against him.