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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another article on Dem Dealin' re: Health Care

My last blog referred to Reid's efforts to bring doctors on board by promising them something they should already have... basically he says, we won't hold the double-edged sword over your head for a while if you'll smile for a real doctor photo op with Obama and friends...

Keep in mind when you read the following that the AMA represents AT MOST 17% of doctors and that many of them are leaving the group or are opposed to the AMA's stance. And, we all know AARP is nothing but a flip-flopping fawning pawn going to the one who's promising them the world... safety... protection... money... security... all lies, but hey, if you've read all the stuff that happened back when the world was sliding toward World War II, when countries made the shift to communism, socialism, dictatorships, there were always short-sited sell-outs who somehow thought their butt wouldn't be on the chopping block if they played nice... Sumbuddy be blowin' smoke and these folks are inhaling deeply.

Budget tricks rife in health reform effort

Advocates of health care reform are relying on budget manipulations to stick with President Obama's pledge to overhaul the system without adding to the deficit, critics on and off Capitol Hill say....

..."The very act of separately passing the 10-year physician-payment patch, without paying for it, before passing health care reform undermines [the Democrats'] credibility and the confidence that they will make the hard choices necessary to make sure that reform is fiscally responsible," said Maya MacGuineas, president of the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.
But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, says the move is simply to address an annual problem that must be fixed to ensure doctors can treat senior citizens.

"Physicians, you know, they go into medicine to take care of people, and when they are faced with a situation where if they see a Medicare patient, they can't even pay their overhead, that doesn't speak well for our Medicare system," Mr. Reid said.

Both the American Medical Association and the AARP are lobbying hard in support of the measure.

"Those who are concerned about waiving budget requirements should recognize that the past practice of 'temporary band-aids' on the [rates] has only served to increase both the size of future cuts and the cost of subsequent interventions. That is neither responsible budget policy nor in keeping with our obligations to provide access, choice and quality care," the groups said in a letter to Congress....


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