“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hoffman a Win

What? a win? I know, I know, Doug Hoffman lost in the ballot box. But I don't count it as a loss, at least for those of us out here fighting for the heart and soul of America. Yes, it would have been a better win if he'd actually won, but it's still a win.

How so?

The conservative voice, the true conservative voice as opposed to those who play games in Washington, took out the candidate who called herself a Republican. We sent a message and it resounded across the country.

Sure, the RINO screwed her would-be constituents and screwed the election outcome with her tantrum this past weekend, but what else would you expect from a liberal?

If she had been an honorable person and not been such a spiteful child, she could have graciously backed out and then backed the true Republican in the race. She stomped her feet, proved how horrible she would have been as an elected official had she won, and managed to take down her opponent. Nasty politics, nasty person.

Scuzzyfavors (sf), aka Dede Scozzafava, took 6% of the vote. With that 6% there's a good chance Hoffman would have had a clear win. If sf had been a stand-up person of quality, she would have been standing by Hoffman's side and would have tossed her support to him. The 6% were probably for the most part sf's die-hard supporters who would have voted Hoffman or stayed home if she'd been a person of character. If they stayed home or voted Hoffman, he'd have won. I'd guess a percentage of those who voted for sf might have done so because they always punched a Republican ticket, no matter what, but I don't think there would have been many of those...

sf aside, the numbers aside, I think our big win was in sending a message to the power-brokers, the Republican hierarchy, that we're out here and we're voting conservative. We aren't going to support those who aren't true-blue, through and through, believers in American values.

When you combine sf's numbers and Hoffman's numbers, the conservative voters were out in higher numbers than those of the Dem/Lib. The majority voted conservative. Period.

More and more Republicans and Democrats are calling themselves Independents. We're tired of politics as usual. We're tired of those in D.C. and locally who pander to us, who don't listen, who play power games.

A lot of the pundits are talking about all the conservative support that went Hoffman's way... Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson, Glenn Beck, the Tea Party movement, etc., etc. They're saying it's a referendum, negatively, on the conservative movement.

Not so.

I don't vote based on who endorses who, and I don't think the majority of voters are wowed by "celebrities" or endorsements by those who don't live in our neighborhoods. Sure, all the star power behind Hoffman did a great thing: it brought attention to the race locally, it made people aware of the true nature of the candidates. Without all the attention most conservative voters would have walked into the ballot box and checked the candidate with the "R" beside her name.

With the status-quo Republican elite backing sf, it would have been tough for the Party faithful to consider the "I" in the race. I've been involved in "R" politics for too long not to understand that one...

Unfortunately, I think the ummph and attention came too late, and to some degree it may have backfired. There are a lot of people who get irritated when outsiders try to come into their homes and try to tell them how to vote.

I think the duplicity of the Republican Party was also another factor. First they back a liberal RINO, then they want the voters to follow their lead and vote for another candidate? while "their" candidate is still in the race? Oh no Mr. and Ms. Republican Leader, you screwed up. You lost credibility. Vet your candidates. Listen to those of us out here who haven't minded having that "R" attached to us in the past... the past... the past...

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