“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, April 3, 2009

History is being written.

History books of the future will write about this moment in America. The big question is what will be written?

It appears that we're headed for this version:
In year 1 OLO miraculous changes were manifested which resulted in the glorious brotherhood we enjoy throughout the world today. Personal rights were proven to be destructive and now we all share in magnificent collective goals to the betterment of our nature. Everyone has a home, food, healthcare and works in the field that best serves our world. All hail The One in this 10th year of Our Lord Obama.

Of course, we could see this:
In 2009 the soul of America was tested. The core principles upon which our country was built were assailed by those wanting to move the country to a socialistic style of government. Due to the valiant efforts of many groups and the final awakening of the true American spirit, those attacking the Constitution were silenced.

I'm hoping for the second scenario. If the first comes true, it ain't gonna be as pretty as the government controlled history books and media will portray.

It is impossible, completely impossible, to thwart or squelch our basic human drives to the point where we'll work simply to give it away to those who won't lift a finger for themselves. We want to see the fruits of our labor. We are competitive by nature and nothing the government does is going to change our basic nature.

If you take away our ability to work toward goals that improve our existence, our souls wilt and die. We give because we want to give, not because we're forced to give.

In a perfect world, minus any corruption, mental illness, psychological quirks, insecurities, greed and power hungry individuals, socialism might work. Actually, if you think about it, you may find that your vision of Heaven is somewhat socialistic. Big difference being that all those nasty quirks of human nature I mentioned won't exist in Heaven.

In socialistic cultures there are still the haves and have nots. Does anyone really believe the Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or Barack Obama types will live in same housing most of us will be relegated to in the future world? Will they get exactly the same treatment? Will they be on the same list we're on as we wait for medical care?

All those who believe in the world Obama is painting are being deceived.

What happens when people like me stop working? When we're taxed, penalized, tromped on long enough there won't be any incentive to produce. When the government steps in to take the fruits of my labor, what reason will I have to work? Why shouldn't everyone's hand be out equally? What makes the leech better than the person who strives to improve their life through hard work or innovation?

Those who are now paying the tab and providing jobs for the majority are being punished. They are being made the scapegoats to further Obama's long-term goal. He's firing up the masses and they're following along believing someday they too, will eat caviar and drink champagne.

Obama is in the process of re-ordering society. It may seem to work on paper, but the reality is that there will always be those who scramble to be at the top of any society. In the world he seems to be creating, there will still be a "higher" class. It will be made up of those who are able to "work the system". Ultimately, there will be the government class and then the rest of us, the masses who will all be equally miserable.

Watching all the happenings at the G20 Summit and in Washington I believe more and more that our country is slipping away. Many, possibly the majority, are continuing to live their lives as though nothing is going to change. I think it's part of our nature, too, in this country at least, to believe that things will always work out. We believe that we'll make things better, find a way past any adversity.

I'm afraid that may not be so if more of us don't wake up, stand up and speak up.

Despite the gloom and doom I just spewed, I am clinging to my hope, my guns, my religion and my belief in America. I do believe we have the ability to overcome all that is being thrown at us. I am counting on America to wake up as more and more seem to be doing.

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