“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, April 6, 2009

What did you take away from Obama's 10-day trip?

After listening to Obama's speech this morning in Turkey on the last leg of his ten day trip, I started mulling over all the bits and pieces of speeches, news stories and commentary I've heard these past few days. I have been highly unsettled by the snippets of change that have permeated his first trip abroad.

Here's my overall impression of Obama's tour:

We're screwed.

I should probably stop there, but you know I can't, I have to explain just a little.

Obama is working hard to make America just like every other nation in the world. He's like one of those guys who wants to be liked and loved at any cost. He seems to think that by denigrating our country we'll be loved. No, we'll be weak. We'll be stepped upon.

Doesn't he understand human nature? All a patsy is good for is to run errands and get kicked around by the big bullies. America has always had a big heart and we give because we choose to give, because we care. We want to elevate others who don't have as much, who need a hand up in support. Obama is ignoring all that is good about our country and setting us up to be the patsy.

Can anyone point to anything good that will come from standing down with our nuclear weapons at a time when North Korea is stepping up their efforts to help Iran?

Who can share anything good that the United Nations has done for the world? the United States? If the United Nations had followed through with the sanctions and stood up to terrorism, this world would be well on the way to being a more peaceful entity.

I could go on and on with examples of what I perceive to be huge blunders Obama is making in dealing with our allies and adversaries. I believe if he truly loved and understood our country he would not be able to make the statements and choices he's making.

After ten days on the road Obama has made me feel more vulnerable. We're on shaky grounds in our country as a result of the choices he and his Congressional allies have made. Now we're on even shakier ground in the area of security. Bullies don't reach out and hug the one who exposes their weakness, they take advantage of it.

The damage that Obama has just done won't immediately be apparent. Right now I think the nations of the world are publicly sucking up to the Big O and playing to his vanity. Behind his back they're snickering.

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