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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Healthcare headline roundup from around the world...

A lot of these are repeated in numerous papers, I only grabbed one and I tried only to grab stories from this morning or late yesterday... The headlines paint a picture of discord, but remember, they have a way of sitting in dark used-to-be-smoke-filled rooms and figuring out ways to work around set-backs.

Obama wants quick healthcare compromise
As Democrats searched for a way forward after their defeat in the Massachusetts Senate race, the US President, Barack Obama, said ''core elements'' of his healthcare package had broad support and could form the basis of a swift compromise.
''I would advise that we try to move quickly to coalesce around those elements in the package that people agree on,'' Mr Obama said on the US television network ABC.

Clyburn: 'Magic number on healthcare reform is 50, not 60'; measure not dead
Healthcare reform legislation is "not dead by any means," Democrats' third-ranking leader in the House emphasized Wednesday. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/77129-clyburn-magic-number-on-healthcare-reform-is-50-not-60

Barack Obama in health reform risk after shock defeat
Barack Obama yesterday vowed to push on with controversial new laws after a humiliating election defeat which could wreck his healthcare and climate change plans.
America's biggest political upset in years came a year to the day since the President took office.

Obamacare in Cloud Cuckoo Land

Examiner Editorial
"If voters are so angry that Republicans can get Ted Kennedy's Senate seat, there isn't a safe Democratic incumbent anywhere in the country."

Obama's thud to earth
AMID the shock at the stunning electoral upset in Massachusetts by the Republican candidate, Scott Brown, and its implications for President Barack Obama's legislative program, something has been overlooked: a hostile or unreliable Congress is a normal part of US presidential politics.

Democrats reconsider healthcare possibilities
Having lost their filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, President Obama and his allies ponder abandoning the major overhaul and instead making changes incrementally with some Republican support. President Obama and congressional Democrats are rethinking their healthcare strategy in the wake of a Republican victory in the Massachusetts Senate race, giving serious consideration to abandoning the comprehensive approach in favor of incremental steps that might salvage key elements of the package.

White House signaling new direction on healthcare reform
President Barack Obama on Wednesday asked lawmakers to focus on the core elements of healthcare reform, with some interpreting his remarks as a call to scale back his top legislative priority. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/77215-white-house-signaling-new-direction-on-health

Hope but no change
Americans wanted change in 2008, so they voted for Obama. What they got was a Clinton acolyte. No wonder they're mad

President Obama's five desperate options on healthcare reform
Existing state of play: The House of Representatives and the Senate have passed their own versions of President Obama’s signature healthcare reform bill. As is often the case during the passage of American legislation, both versions have been heavily amended during the debates.
Under normal circumstances, the next step for the bill to become legislation would see the Senate and House versions amalgamated in a series of backroom meetings. This final draft of the bill would then need to be passed by both the House and the Senate.

Political Earthquake Rocks Massachusetts
For the moment, millions of Haitians don't matter. For Washington and the West, they never did and don't now. It's pretense, a topic a forthcoming article will explore.
Today, however, the Massachusetts political earthquake takes precedence, and headlines explain it.

Investors Eye Healthcare in Wake of G.O.P. Win
Investors and distressed market advisers on Wednesday said the surprise Republican senate win in Massachusetts may present opportunities in healthcare bonds, hospitals and medical companies, Reuters reported.

Frank walks back his health bill compromise is 'dead' comment
Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) on Wednesday walked back comments he previously made that the current healthcare reform negotiations are "dead." http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/77163-barney-frank-walks-back-comment-that-health-bill-compromise-is-dead

NHC urges congress to continue work on meaningful healthcare reform
The National Health Council (NHC), an organization providing a united voice for the more than 133 million people with chronic diseases and disabilities and their family caregivers, today sent a letter to Congress urging the House and Senate to "continue working to accomplish the long-sought goal of health care reform."

Dem leaders scramble to save healthcare reform after Brown win
Democratic leaders are scrambling to save healthcare reform legislation in the wake of a shocking Republican victory for the Senate seat held by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.). http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/76957-dem-leaders-scramble-to-save-healthcare

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