“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If Bush...

If Bush issued an executive order to create a council of state governors to work with the feds to expand military involvement in domestic security, the media, the left wingers, the conspiracy nuts would be going bananas.

If Bush wanted to put machines at the airport to screen for weapons by taking body shots the media, the left wingers, the conspiracy nuts would be screaming loud enough to break all the crystal in America.

If Bush talked about a civilian "army" there wouldn't be any other news worthy of discussing.

If Bush wanted to do a fraction, a tiny fraction, of the things Barack Hussein Obama is doing there would be fireworks like we've never seen before from the media, the left wingers, the conspiracy nuts.

But the sheeples are willing to look the other way because they love Obama. Whatever he does to them or to their country is fine because... well, because they're oblivious to what they stand to lose.

If George Bush (either of 'em) tried to do the things Obama is doing we on the right might let him get away with a little bit of it... but then we'd be marching in Washington with the left... maybe on the other side of the street... maybe with better looking signs , but we'd be there.

We are truly in the perfect storm of all storms. Our only chance to fight what is happening right now is to hope that our vote still matters in November. If by then the Obama machine has been successful with expanding and perfecting its' ACORN type tactics during the election, we're toast and so is our country.

Folks, we hafta, hafta, hafta get our friends involved. We have to make plans now to get every able bodied, right minded voter to cast their ballot in all elections this year. Then we need to gear up for 2012 immediately.

We have to prepare people to find their local tea party group, the local Republican group, the local Libertarian group and get involved.

In regards to the Republican party: the best way to make changes happen in D.C. and the country is to work within the system to give it an overhaul. Standing on the outside throwing rocks doesn't do anything but make people put up thicker walls, barricade the windows and hunker down. If enough of you get involved and make yourself an integral part of your local and state party, you will change the system.

Go to the meetings, get involved. Ignore the petty bickering (it's always there). Keep the big goal of saving our Constitutional rights, our freedoms, our country in mind. Picture a scale in your head --- on one side is the country, the Constitution, our freedoms, our future. On the other side are your individual beliefs on issues. Weight the importance of each of your beliefs against attaining the overall goals... succeed in saving the country, then go back to work on trying to get everyone to vote 100% of the time on whatever is important to you. I'm not saying to bend on core principles. I think most of us will find that our core principles are those that are written in and protected by the Constitution...

On splitting the vote: Huge concern for me and I'm sure the left is hoping we'll do that. If the Republicans, tea party / 9/12 groups, the Libertarians, the Ron Paul followers, the Independent Party, the Constitution Party, etc. all say "our guy / gal" or no one, then we will split the vote and lose. I don't know how we're going to do it, but somehow we have to be willing to fight for our candidate during the primary and then coalesce behind the one most likely to win (as long as they're truly a principled conservative, of course).

OK, nuff ranting, rambling and running on... here's the article (along with a blog by a friend of mine) that sparked this blog:


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