“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dems dropping out

So, another Dem decides to drop out, retire, quit. Rep. Bart Gordon's (D-Tenn.) announced Monday he's not going to run again. A number of other long-time Democrats have also said they're calling it quits in the next election.

One has to wonder about the REAL reasons behind their abandonment of public office.

I've heard speculation and talk about Pelosi wanting blue-dogs out, or not that she's throwing them to the dogs, with the thinking that she may lose the majority for a period of time, but will get it back in the next election... Why would anyone seriously think that she'd be willing to give up her kingdom, her absolute rule? Me thinks she really believes that she'll keep the majority.

I think she's deluded enough to think that despite the Tea Party efforts, despite the polls, that the majority of America is as deluded and out of it as she is. She's wrong, but when you only surround yourself with fellow kool-ade drinkers, how're you going to see any differently? Being wrong about what the majority of America believes and thinks doesn't necessarily mean she's wrong about keeping her majority though... read on...

Some of those who are leaving are seasoned Democrats. I'm not really familiar with any of them to any great degree, but it's been suggested in a few circles that some at least are principled, true-blue Democrats of the kind that we on the right might not mind that much.

Are they leaving the Party because the Party left them? Are they seeing the direction they and their fellow Dems are taking the country and leaving in disgust? If so, why aren't they voting on principle rather than going along with Pelosi and / or Reid? Have they been in office so long that there are skeletons in their closets that are being dangled in front of their eyes to keep them in line? Are they being pushed out? Or are they seeing the hand-writing on the wall?

It seems to me that more than the usual numbers are announcing they'll retire. It also seems to me that most have some strong Republican opposition and a slim or slimmer chance than normal of keeping their seat. Are they being told by the powers-that-be that they won't be supported? Is Obama, Rahmbo, Pelosi, or the DNC culling the chaff from the Democratic wheat?

Did they lose confidence in their ability to pull off the election with the wounding of ACORN?

Watch this trend. See who's dropping out.

Sumpin's goin' on here and it looks like we're making some headway, making a difference already in our fight. I'm not ready to crow yet though. I'm not 100% confident that there's not a bigger behind-the-scenes manipulation going on by Obama and friends. They are a devious lot as we've already seen.

I'd prefer to see some of the far Left ideologues leaving rather than the moderates, if that's what is happening.

If all we see are moderates leaving, rest assured the DNC, Obama and crew have a strategy that they think will keep them in the cat bird seat. A strategy that only leaves those in lock-step with Obama's America killing policies in Washington... which is scarier than I can begin to imagine.

We already know they think the voters are stupid. They think we are now a sound-bite, easily swayed, vote with the current issues type electorate. They are also working hard to have as many people as possible on the dole by the time the next election rolls around. Watch the current immigration bill with open eyes... they're after more voters.

We need to be vigilant, we need to double our efforts to sway minds, increase voter registration, ensure people get out to vote. They're counting on a large chunk of us getting fed up and staying home. They're also counting on a big split between Libertarians, Tea Party voters and Republicans. Democrats will walk in lock-step. One of the problems on the conservative side is that we're all very strong minded, independent types. We don't vote in lock-step.

We're still fairly early in the 2010 election cycle, no telling what's to come...


Brad K. said...

I think you are overlooking two important factors in the next election.

One, is that ACORN was defunded - in different bills, between the Senate and House, and didn't actually get defunded or chastised. They are still hale and hearty. And ready to "protect" the polls from those that might not vote with them, as they did last time.

The other is organized . . um, labor. Unions have historically been an unreported source of Democrat support, holding their political ads as "unrelated" to the DNC or individual candidates. Or campaign finance laws.

Either or both of these organizations are likely gearing up, big time, for the next election. And, as you point out, the DNC (or B. Hussein Obama and his jihad tribe, they are *not* the same thing as the Democratic party) might be picking districts to support, and which to starve as lost causes.

And I *still* want to know what Obama pulled, to get Supreme Court Justice Souter out of his way. And whether Justice Souter is proud of the effect his leaving had on the Court and the Nation.

rhett said...

Couldn't have said it better.
The Dems have GOT to know how unpopular what they are doing is....and they keep doing it. Health care, cap and tax, etc. Somehow they must figure the fix is in for them in the next election. What the fix is? Who knows? But remember ACORN is only wounded, not dead, and the electorate has a short attention span. And as pointed out by Brad K., the unions are a major source of power for Pelosi and Co. Just like they are for organized crime.