“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Interesting perspectives... gloomy ramblings...

It's been rather interesting lately. As my regular readers know, I lean conservative. Some would say I do more than lean, especially some of my old and current liberal friends!

I am also a vegetarian, tree-hugging, artist.

I recently decided to set up a separate personality for my art side on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What an eye-opener.

As the editor of a few on-line news sites, I get a ton of press releases from all sides so I do keep up with what the left is drinking, swallowing, believing.

It has struck me on more than one occasion that we immerse ourselves in our world of news and friends and get "stuck". I glance at stories that promote global warming / climate change, I "read" articles that trash the junk-science.

At least I see the other side, even though I see it with one eyebrow raised... As I'm reading posts by my lefty / progressive friends, I see more clearly that they don't even get any exposure to opposing views... and if they do, it's from those who are trashing the views. Some are panicing about the end of the world due to global warming... many only read Huffington, Oberman and similar...

I know that on "our" side it's the same way. Many will only expose themselves to one side. They listen to Glenn Beck, Rush, Hannity, etc. (me too ;-) but never flip over to hear one of the "other" guys on CNN, MSNBC, Huff puff, etc.

I try. It's so mean spirited when I try to read some of the stuff. I'm a fairly positive person. So are most of my artist friends.

I'm glad I'm sticking to art on my "other" FB, Twitter, etc., accounts. I'm completely staying away from politics on my art personality pages. However, I'm learning a lot of lessons and getting some great insights into how others think (not just the progressive leaners, many are from other countries).

Don't worry, I'm not changing my beliefs or getting ready to move to the dark side . Been there, done that, got tired of the kool-ade and huge gaps in reasoning. Once I went into business for myself, my eyes opened wide, very wide. It didn't take long to see the light once I was responsible for myself completely.

The main thing that has struck me about all of the various views flitting across my screens is just how entrenched we are in our belief system. I find it rather scary on some levels. If we can't find a compromise here in our country, if we can't work together to improve our country (as opposed to radically changing the country as those in power are trying to do now), how do we expect to work well with those entrenched in their religious beliefs that require the killing or enslaving of those who don't believe the same way? How do we expect to stay keep one country from trying to annihilate another country? You get the drift...

So many who are trying to "make peace" do it from the high moral ground that their way is the right way, the only way. Peace means subjugating others believes, converting them, rather than finding a harmonious middle, or going with the live and let live mantra.

It seems our minds are getting more and more locked in, closed up and unable to comprehend or give value to the rights of others. It makes me wonder and worry about where our old world is headed on this gloomy rainy day.

OK, I'm going out to the studio. Time for some refreshing, cleansing, quality art time. I'll be more positive when I come back, promise!

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