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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cao over Jefferson in Louisiana

I bet most of you didn't even know there was a hotly contested Congressional race going on down in New Orleans... Well, the Republicans have (according to the AP) added another seat.

La. voters oust indicted Rep. William Jefferson
By CAIN BURDEAU – 13 minutes ago
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Voters in Louisiana have ousted indicted Democratic Rep. William Jefferson and sent a little-known Republican to Congress.
Unofficial results showed Republican attorney Anh "Joseph" Cao denying Jefferson a 10th term.
Republicans made an aggressive push to get rid of the 61-year-old incumbent, who has pleaded not guilty to charges of bribery, laundering money and misusing his congressional office.

Well, hmmm... maybe I crow too soon. I just went back over to Google and they've changed the headline to make it a little less of a sure thing. It's a district that one article made sound like it was drawn specifically for Jefferson... I'll keep watching and will post something if it does change.

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