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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chuck DeVore Running Against Barbara Boxer, California

The 2010 elections are well underway! I'll try to keep you updated on various conservative candidates across the states as I hear about them.

Aside from the fact that he's running against Barbara Boxer , I really like the way he's using technology. He has a Twitter site or two, his website is already up and running, he has a YouTube site, he's collecting donations on-line and is OPEN about it, showing who's donated how much and he's on top of his communications... I'm not in California but I know some of my readers live in that very huge state.

Here are some links:



Here's a YouTube commercial he has at http://www.youtube.com/user/devore4ca

Here's his intro page:

I'm California State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore and I'm a candidate for United States Senate in 2010.

Sen. Barbara Boxer's career has focused on stopping domestic oil production, stopping nuclear power, and stopping tax cuts. With more and more Californians out of work, we can no longer afford her "No, no, no" philosophy.

I support environmentally sound oil extraction offshore using slant drilling from inland areas and in Alaska. Boxer claims to be for the environment, but has supported policies forcing America to buy oil from the other side of the planet, then pay more to ship it here. America needs America's oil and gas.

I support modern, safe, and reliable nuclear power to produce baseload power with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions. Boxer opposes nuclear power, but then offers no viable replacement to the massive amounts of coal America burns.

Boxer wants higher taxes, yet America has the second-highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world and our taxes on capital are too high. California requires investments to turn ideas into intellectual capital into innovative products and services. I support lower taxes to spur growth and jobs. Only through higher rates of economic growth can America ever hope to make good on its $86 trillion in unfunded MediCare and Social Security obligations.

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