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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Read My Lipstick Network blogs on Google

I have a Google alert set up for "read my lipstick" and for "read my lipstick network". Today's batch included nothing but Read My Lipstick Network member blogs. I thought you'd like to see that your blog is being "caught" by Google... at least when there's a Google alert set up. Not sure how you're doing in the rankings on search and not sure why Google chose the following few blogs out of the 100 plus members to "grab". It's a weird thing with Google. I will post a blog with "Read My Lipstick Network" in it two or three times (like this one) and it won't show up in the Google alerts. Ever. Then it'll pick up one that has Read My Lipstick Network on the link list on the sidebar. No rhyme or reason. No logic. Just Googlenomics.

JMac Politics: More National News on Underfunded Defined Benefits
By Fayette Front Page.com
Proud Member of the Read My Lipstick Network. Get a once-daily email of the day's posts! Enter your email address: ... Read My Lipstick Network. 16 Followers View All Manage. My Blog List. Go Sarah!! Unification... 23 minutes ago ...JMac Politics - http://jmacpolitics.blogspot.com/

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-Dem Style « Blacknright’s Weblog
Laptop America · Lipstick Underground · Looking For George · Marantha 777 · Missional Thoughts · Moms in the Right · Nancy Goldfarb · New Family Search · Peach Girl Politics · Pink Elephant Blog · Read My Lipstick · Smart Girl Politics ...Blacknright's Weblog - http://blacknright.wordpress.com/

Our World As We See It
By DD2 aka Debonair Dude
Subscribe to: Comment Feed (RSS). NeoCounter. Get the NeoCounter widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Read My Lipstick. Read My Lipstick. Welcome To. Our World As We See It. Smart People (122). Follow this blog ...Our World As We See It - http://ourworldasweseeit.blogspot.com/

MAXIMUS POLITICS BLOG: Schwarzenegger Throws State Republicans ...
By Maximus Conservative Majority 2010 · Conservative Republican Majority 2010. 2 weeks ago. Read My Lipstick Print · Asleep At The Wheel. 3 weeks ago. Michael Johns · The False and Dangerous Promises of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Triumvirate ...MAXIMUS POLITICS BLOG - http://www.maximuspolitics.net/

Lasso of Truth: CHRISTMAS TIME!!
By Tenacious Texan 2 hours ago. Read My Lipstick Network · Sarah Palin, Conservative of the Year (Human Events) PLUS Ann Coulter Comments. 12 hours ago. The New Conservative · Lou Dobbs Show: Global Warming Arrogant. 20 hours ago. Smart Girl Politics ...Lasso of Truth - http://lasso-of-truth.blogspot.com/

Ladyblog » Blog Archive » Things You Learn About Yourself
Read My Lipstick Network Blogroll. Proud Member of the Read My Lipstick Network. « A Very Piquant Christmas · Things You Learn About Yourself. By Marianne Brennan. According to my co-worker, with whom I share my dating woes, ...Ladyblog - http://culture11.com/blogs/ladyblog/

Moms 4 Sarah Palin: Collectivist With The Best Chest Competition!
By Tami Proud Member of the Smart Girl Politics Network! View my page on Smart Girl Politics ... Come Join Us On Facebook! Come Join Us On Facebook! Proud member of the Read My Lipstick Network ...Moms 4 Sarah Palin - http://moms4sarahpalin.blogspot.com/

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