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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Georgia Residents go Door-to-Door in Support of President Obama’s Budget

Just thought I'd pass this one along... Wonder if we should be organizing to go door to door to explain just what Obama, Pelosi and friends are doing to our country? freedoms? government? children's future???? economy?

This is going on across the country. What you want to bet that ACORN is helping, too? Can we say "brainwash"? I left off the dates and times, don't want to help in any way on this one.

I find the following SCARY.

Georgia Residents go Door-to-Door in Support of President Obama’s Budget

Organizing for America Canvassers Call on Neighbors to Help Rebuild and Renew America by Passing President's Budget

On Saturday, Organizing for America (OFA), the grassroots and volunteer network which came together to help elect President Obama in November, will launch a nationwide canvassing effort in support of President Obama’s proposed budget plan. Citizens across Georgia will canvass their communities to let their friends and neighbors know about the President’s plan to invest in America's future, improve health care and education, create green jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and cut the deficit in half over the next four years. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have already signaled their support for the Organizing for America Pledge Project – part of an OFA project to identify and mobilize support for the economic vision President Obama outlined in his budget. OFA is also encouraging Americans to call their Members of Congress and urge them to support the plan.

"Across the nation, people are suffering," said Mitch Stewart, Director of Organizing for America which is a project of the Democratic National Committee. "The President has a bold plan to invest in America's future and get our economy moving again, and now he needs our help to turn his budget into law. That's why it's so important for Americans on Saturday to go door-to-door and talk to their neighbors about the President’s plan and ask them for their support. The President has made great strides in turning the economy around with passage of his jobs and economic recovery package. However, to ensure long term economic growth, we must make health care more affordable, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and improve education - all priorities the President has outlined in his budget plan and which are part of the change he promised to bring to Washington. The vast majority of Americans support the President on these issues because they know they are critical to long term economic growth and to creating jobs. The canvasses on Saturday, the pledge drive and the calls to Congress are all designed to put our elected officials in Washington on notice that Americans expect that the change President Obama campaigned for becomes reality."

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