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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Honk if I'm Paying Your Mortgage Bumper Sticker

As many of your know there is a hotly contested Congressional race happening now in New York. We have a good chance of winning the seat and the Democrats know it. They are putting everything they have into winning the race. Even if you do not live in New York, this is vital. We need every Republican seat we can get as you already know.

Make a $20 donation to Jim Tedisco's campaign and you get something we've all been talking about - a bumper sticker that says "Honk if I'm paying your mortgage" (as opposed to honk if you're paying my mortgage). It's cool looking, too. You get to help win a chance for real conservative change and you get a bumper sticker, too. Can't lose on this one.



FACT: Republican congressional candidate Jim Tedisco leads in every poll

REALITY: The gap is closing as Democrat Steve Murphy is catching up to Jim Tedisco in recent polls!

REALITY: Why is the gap closing? Because BARACK OBAMA and NANCY PELOSI are desperately misleading voters because they can't afford to lose this seat – and spending MILLIONS to defeat our Republican candidate, Jim Tedisco.

FACT: So many of you have helped by sending in contributions already, and American Future Fund Political Action is putting our full resources into his race.

Earlier this week, American Future Fund Political Action launched our most successful fundraising push to date for Jim Tedisco.

Our $20 for NY-20 campaign has raised substantial funds that will be sent directly to Jim Tedisco's congressional campaign - helping him battle the Washington liberals who are desperate to defeat him.

Will you join with conservatives across the country, and send just $20 for congressional candidate Jim Tedisco? Donate today and get a free "HONK! If I'm paying your mortgage!" bumper sticker!

To understand what is at stake, you need to be aware of the following:

This is the seat vacated by Hillary Clinton's Senate replacement. We can win it back from the hands of Democrats!

The Democrat opponent of Jim Tedisco is a great friend of ultra-liberal Sen. Charles Schumer – who will stop at nothing to get his buddy elected.

Nancy Pelosi needs this vote. If she loses even one Democratic-held seat, it will be viewed as a major loss and the start of a come-back for Republicans!

TIME IS SHORT – THE ELECTION IS JUST SIX DAYS AWAY! Will you make a difference by donating $20 for NY-20 today? If you do, you will get a free "HONK! If I'm paying your mortgage!" bumper sticker!

Thank you for your support of AFF Political Action and Jim Tedisco!

Tim Albrecht
American Future Fund Political Action

P.S. – The Democrats have spent millions of dollars to close the gap. We must counter their liberal money! Donate just $20 and get a FREE "HONK! If I'm paying your mortgage!" bumper sticker today!

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