“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, March 7, 2009

If it weren't for the rest of the stuff, I'd be laughing

Most Democrats, many Independents, and even a few Republicans flocked to Obama because he promised "Change" with a capital C. War on terror? Gone. Excess spending? Gone. Huge government, excesses? Gone. Earmarks? Gone. The schism between the two Parties? Gone.

Everyone from the media to the mindless masses swallowed his lines and gulped the kool-aide.

Now we're living with the reality of Obamavision.

War? Shift the troops to Afghanistan and pull 'em back from Iraq. When are the troops coming home? Roughly the same time President Bush said they'd be coming home and a bit further out than Obama originally promised.

Excess spending? Without the stimulus-porkulus-scamulus package Obama's budget still, especially coupled with the $410 billion Omnibus package and all the other bits he's doling out, makes Bush look like Ebenezer Scrooge.

Cutting back on government? Hold on, I am having to laugh at this one... picture busy little bees building glorious hives, ever expanding hives, bzzzzz, bzzzz... except the end result sure isn't going to be sweet. Maybe a better analogy would have been the killer ants that sweep through areas decimating them.

Earmarks? He stood strong on that one for all of about ten seconds didn't he? Have you ever heard such a lame excuse as the one he is using to justify the signing of the killer Omnibus (if it gets through, when it gets through). He's not going to veto the bill that President Bush said he'd veto because it was something that got started during the "I'll veto it" Bush administration. Wouldn't it make a bit more sense to say, well, President Bush wouldn't approve it during his administration, and I don't believe in earmarks, so I will veto it unless you strip the earmarks?

I wish every Republican who had an earmark in the Omnibus would stand up and ask to have it dropped from the bill. Wouldn't that say something? It would also take "true grit" and we know that's something many of our Republicans haven't got. Yet.

Kumbaya, love and happiness between the Republicans and Democrats? Sure, Obama said he was a miracle worker. Then he starts pumping out advanced socialism (as opposed to socialism 101), starts printing money like it's not real, raids the kids piggy banks for generations to come, ignores the Republicans, goes on a rampage to reverse every good thing President Bush and / or the Republicans ever did and then invites everyone to share a group hug. Kind of hard to hug someone who's slapping and kicking you.

So now Obama is channeling Cheney in regards to wire-tapping according to the Wall Street Journal. Anyone surprised?

You know, if he weren't destroying the country with all his actions, I'd be laughing at the fools who voted for this man. I'd be saying "I told you so." You wanted change? However, while he may not be keeping those campaign promises that drew the crowds, he's making other changes that are bad-news serious. Seems he's managing to alienate people on both sides of the aisle. An equal opportunity destructo machine.

Based on the poll numbers it appears that many are still in la-la land when it comes to seeing the reality of what's going on. Obama is out there campaigning and selling his wares just as successfully it seems. I pray our fellow citizens wake up before his actions take us too far over the brink.

Obama Channels Cheney
The Obama Administration this week released its predecessor's post-9/11 legal memoranda in the name of "transparency," producing another round of feel-good Bush criticism. Anyone interested in President Obama's actual executive-power policies, however, should look at his position on warrantless wiretapping. Dick Cheney must be smiling.

In a federal lawsuit, the Obama legal team is arguing that judges lack the authority to enforce their own rulings in classified matters of national security. The standoff concerns the Oregon chapter of the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, a Saudi Arabian charity that was shut down in 2004 on evidence that it was financing al Qaeda. Al-Haramain sued the Bush Administration in 2005, claiming it had been illegally wiretapped.

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