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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Schisms starting in Obama reign?

Feinstein unhappy re: Panetta choice, Feinstein taking up for Burris seating, Reid thumping his chest... Richardson gone... the Left upset with Obama choices... and we're just getting started.

One good thing for Obama about all this mess? No one is talking about the Blagojevich / Obama admin connections. Reid's alleged comments have kinda helped in that area, too.

Reid: ‘I don’t work for Obama’
By Bob Cusack, J. Taylor Rushing & Hugo Gurdon
Posted: 01/06/09 08:26 PM [ET]
Democrats must be “very, very careful” to avoid overreaching and will not rubber-stamp President-elect Obama’s policies, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Tuesday.
In an interview with The Hill, Reid said it is essential for Obama and congressional Democrats to work closely with Republicans in the new Congress. He added that 2009 is very different from 1993, the last time Democrats controlled both Congress and the White House.


Ted said...

The Hawaiian Birth Certificate issue may be a red herring.

It wouldn't matter if Obama were born in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House; he is not eligible to be President since he is not a Constitutional Article II "natural born citizen" as he himself delcares on his website that his dad was Kenyan/British, not American, citizen when he was born.

He may (or may not) be a full American "citizen" as under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution; but "citizen" is NOT the same as the unique requirement set by the Constitution's framers, that being "natural born citizen", in order to be President of the US.

Case closed.
The US Supreme Court will not let him pass. No way!

Ted said...


When counting the electoral votes, either Congress finds by 1/8/09 that Obama — not being an Article II “natural born citizen” (father Kenyan/British, not American, citizen) — fails to qualify as President whereupon Biden becomes the full fledged President under 3 USC 19 (free to pick his own VP such as Hillary) or thereafter defers to the Supreme Court to enjoin Obama’s inauguration with Biden becoming only Acting President under the 20th Amendment until a new President is duly determined.

The preferable choice, at least for the Democrats, should seem obvious.