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Friday, November 14, 2008

FOCA, Abortion, State's Rights, Egobama

Egobama's stance on abortion was much discussed during the election. The fact that he stood before Planned Parenthood and promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) as one of his first actions as President was shared with millions via YouTube.

Now he is to be the President and he will sign FOCA. I urge you to go read up on this act. According to what I've read the act will legalize partial birth abortions, will take away the parents right of notification for their minor children's abortions, and do away with a state's right to enact legislation in regards to abortion.

In other words, abortion is going to be crammed down the throat of everyone.

If you are one who is not against abortion, there is something in FOCA that should set off alarms: the erosion of state's rights.

Please go out and do some research.

For those who are against abortion, there is MUCH to be concerned about in this bill. Roe vs. Wade is nothing in comparison to what FOCA will do to legitimize using abortion as birth control.

Here are two sites with some information:

Susan B. Anthony List Sign the petition now: www.sba-list.org/foca
Catholic Vote www.catholicvote.com

I know there are other great sites with lots of info, you'll find them on the search engines. We only have a short window of opportunity to try and change Egobama's mind on this issue, if it is changeable.

I'm hoping he's going to find the reality of being President won't allow him to enact some of his campaign promises. However, he's going to have to throw his supporters some bones. This may be one that he tosses out to satisfy his followers despite an uproar from many of us. If we yell loud enough, maybe it won't be the one he chooses. Let's yell.

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