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Friday, November 14, 2008

Steele Officially Announces

I understand Newt Gingrich isn't going to run for it, he's going to back Steele. I like Steele, at least when he's talking on the radio. He's not afraid to be out there fighting for his principles. I have no idea how he'll be as a leader. Sometimes being able to speak is enough, but in this case the Republican Party needs someone who has the ability to herd cats.

We need change in the Republican Party and it does need to start from the top. I think if Steele gets the job we'll have the folks at the bottom wanting change and the guy at the top wanting change. It'll be up to us to squeeze out the status-quo, power happy types. We'll need to make sure we don't sweep out the wheat with the chaff, too. (Bad analogy these days as people are paying big bucks for the chaff... ya know, that high priced fiber you're buying...)

Steele Announces Candidacy for RNC Chairman
(BUSINESS WIRE)--Former Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele today announced his candidacy for the position of Chairman of the Republican National Committee.Steele was clear in his reason for running by saying, “the Republican Party must present a vision for the future of America that relies on our conservative values and core principles. It is wrong to believe the voters have suddenly become liberal. They have just lost any sense of confidence that the Republican Party holds the answers to their problems. We must face the fact that our party has failed in recent years to live up to our own principles -- we have failed to be ‘solutions oriented’ in addressing the concerns of all Americans.”...

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