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Monday, November 10, 2008

Egobama's Birth Certificate Still an Issue

Hi all, I wanted to pass this along for you to check out (I'm going to use "egobama" from now on!):

A message from Dawn (aka Donya) to all members of Rush Limbaugh Fans for Sarah Palin on Team Sarah!

Patriots, Forgive me if I’m repeating something you are already aware of, but I want to canvas our site with this letter.

Is everyone aware of what’s STILL in the balance regarding BHO’s birth certificate? I just heard an interview on the radio late last night with the man who is heading-up this suit and claim (that Obama is NOT a natural-born U.S. citizen).

It has NOT been thrown out of court nor resolved yet. There was merely a technical reason (forgive me for not knowing the legal term) why the judge who reviewed it couldn’t weigh in on it.

So now it is moving on to some other level in the courts, and won’t even be reviewed until January 1st (days away from inauguration!).

In the meantime, Obama is getting briefed daily on our nation’s most TOP SECRET issues by our current president and his transition team! Anyway, if this is true, it will be the BIGGEST HOAX in the history of our country (possibly the world), and it is swiftly approaching.

This is a blatant disregard for our Constitutional law!

Forget Bill Ayers, forget Jeremiah Wright, forget “spreading the wealth around”... how about having a U.S. president breaking the first rule of Constitutional law?! And NO ONE’S COVERING THIS (big surprise).

We’re not asking to see his SS number, his health records, or tax records... we’re asking for the same document that ALL of us have to present in order to function as upstanding citizens.

I’m asking everyone to PLEASE go to www.obamacrimes.com, read the info, and PLEASE consider donating to fighting this most important law suit. If everyone on this site donated just $10, we would raise $550,000 towards the legal battle, and put it to rest. Remember, Obama is well entrenched and surrounded by all of his dirty, Chicago, legal team, thugs. Pass this on within this network AND via emails ASAP.

God bless the U.S.A.
(aka Donya)

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