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Friday, November 21, 2008

More on Levi's commercial...

Well, I went to the Levi's page and left my comment. I told them I was going through drawers and trashing Levi's jeans and products and that my entire extended family was doing the same, and that I was sending emails to my church friends and other contacts, etc., etc., etc.

Here's the response:

Thanks for contacting us about our "Live Unbuttoned" ad campaign.

We appreciate hearing from you.

We try hard to connect in meaningful ways with the enormously diverse range
of people who wear our jeans. Sometimes, we miss the mark and sincerely
apologize if you feel this is one of those times.

Thanks again for letting us know your comments and concerns.

We will definitely pass them on to our marketing colleagues who pay close
attention to consumer feedback.

Consumer Relations
Levi Strauss & Co.

So, do you think they're used to getting complaints? Sounds like a canned response to me. Somewhere, somehow, we have to take back our country. We can't go back in time to the days of Beaver Cleaver or whatever his name was (not that those days really existed), and we can't hid our heads in the same, but geez louise, do we have to rub our kids noses in sex? Do we have to have companies promoting sex to kids who even with the strongest morals have a hard time with their hormones at certain ages?

Maybe my friends have a good idea --- we need to secede and start a country with values. My husband and I were looking at the map of the country and checking out the red and blue states. If we all gather together in our respective blue and red states all the beach front property would be owned by liberals ;-)

I'm more of the Ayn Rand mindset. Let's just take all the intelligent, productive people and go hide somewhere.

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Joan said...

I personally have had enough. These socially irresponsible companies are able to put these ads on the air because we, THE GROWN UPS, doing nothing about it. Come to my blog for Levi S contact information and let's get off our behinds and DO SOMETHING for our kids' futures!