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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chris Matthews... arrrggghhhh....

Went to check out Eyeblast (like it) and found this video on the front page. Chris Matthews is wacky. He is so far out there he deserves his own planet (somewhere on the other side of Pluto).

I was flabbergasted that anyone could lay claim to a modicum of intelligence and say the things Chris Matthews said. He no more knows George W. Bush's reasoning and though process than I know what goes through Obama's mind. That tingle he felt in his leg when he fell in love with Obama was brain tremors...

I can't believe any rational being listens to his show if this is the kind of drivel he shares with the world.

If the video doesn't work, here's a link: http://www.eyeblast.tv/public/checker.aspx?v=yduzIrIrnz


Grace Explosion said...

Honestly, he's right on this, imo. I've always said that to try to hand democracy to a bunch of Muslims is not going to produce what democracy produces in a Judeo Christian culture. They will not "manage" democracy. They are a group of people who have always been lead by dictators because they are basically barbarians and that's what Islam produces: barbarianism. That's the product of the Muslim faith and they will not handle freedom or democracy. They are dangerous people and their "freedom" will only produce something like the Taliban. A militant faction will rise within them and either overthrow the democracy or they will vote it in out of hate for the West and Israel. These people are uncorked crazies according to their culture of Islamic hate. For once, Matthews was right. When our troops pull out, the factions will rise and there will be civil war, overthrow, a rising up of a radical faction of Islam within Iraq. I think it's pretty cray to think otherwise.

Sorry, but I've never agreed with Bush that this was a "workable idea" given the kind of culture and religion in Islam. Muslims will never "become" like Western democracies. They cannot and will not sustain democracy as Israel can and has.

I don't know what else Bush could have done in the circumstances, but Matthews is right on this one. This Iraqi democracy will fail because the people cannot sustain it.

You know, much as how the American people are becoming barbarians and can neither sustain democracy anymore.

Democracy can be truly maintained by a Judeo Christian people group - like the people who founded this great nation. We've taken in to many foreigners... we're no longer Judeo Christian enough to maintain our own democracy. Iraq won't maintain it.

Should have sent missionaries of the Christian faith to alter the culture. If the missionaries failed, democracy shall surely fail.

Our democracy here, you'll notice, is conserved only by conservatives. The liberals say, "to 'h' with it! We want socialism."

Only a Judeo Christian culture can maintain a democracy. All others will fall to Islam, dictatorship, socialism, etc.

Look at America. We cannot even maintain our democracy here as evidenced by our last election. Iraq is going to fall to radical Islam and Sharia Law.

But, I'm not going to criticize Bush about it. He did a noble thing. He had reasons for going into Iraq. And we've been safe since 9/11. I think all the criticism is out of range and ungrateful and inconsiderate of the threats of WMD terrorist attack. Yet, really, Matthews has a solid point that Iraq as a crazy Islamic people and culture will NOT have the moral fortitude to stand against radical Islam takeover. TAkes a monarchy or a dictator to stop that religion from having some religious faction of radical Islam take over. Again, I refuse to be so critical of GWB, and thank him for his service. His job is done effective Tuesday - and he kept us safe... and did his best... and was a humble servant it seems to me and patriotic. (Though I don't agree with his bailouts etc. and all those mistakes either. I just won't beat him up about it. He's our last great president, imo. OBama is a nightmare who will overthrow our constitution- and already has in not proving citizenship, etc.)

Sorry, for the long comment. I didn't want to appear to "trash Bush" like Matthews does. He goes way too far and out of context of the facts, from my pov. Olberman is, imo, barbaric. I may agree with a point Matthews makes, but I certainly don't see it in the same context... and it's a complex issue. Apologies for the long comment.

The Intellectual Redneck said...

ConstitutionWatch.org has been on the sidelines during the discussion of Barack Obama's status as a natural born citizen. Just before his inauguration-they have jumped into the battle with both feet.

ConstitutionWatch.org jumps into the Obama birth certificate fray