“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, January 31, 2009

It doesn't matter if 100% of public doesn't want the anti-stimulati package

It struck me, as I was listening to a discussion on the non-economy stimulating package, that it really doesn't matter if none of us in voter land don't want it.

Once the Dems get this package through, and they will, our world will change. They'll be sitting pretty and whether we like it or not, we'll be stuck with them forever.

Think about all the things that are included in the trillion dollar future-killer.

Money for the poor. Those receiving the money will vote for who??? Of course they're going to vote for the ones who hand them their livelihood. They will be dependent.

Money for groups like ACORN. So much for fair votes, balanced votes, honest votes.

While Congress is stuffing this bill down our throats Mr. Obama is taking action to increase the power of the Unions. Where are they going to funnel money when the next election cycle rolls around?

Obama and the Democrats are building an army of dependent voters. They're killing the free market. Eventually they'll kill the incentive to work and get ahead, excel.

In the near future they're going to implement the un-"Fairness Doctrine" which will put an end to talk radio. They won't stop there.

If you look at all that is in the "stimulus" package it's nothing but payback and pay forward with a few jobs thrown in to sweeten the pot (or cover up the stink).

Once they get this passed, it's not going to matter one bit whether we liked it or whether we like anything they do in the future. They'll be elected by those who owe them, and those who owe their existence to the current group in the majority.

If there's any way we can stop this boondoggle, we need to do it!

Go to http://www.nostimulus.com/ and http://www.readthestimulus.org/. Write, call, fax and scream! It's not just the waste of money, it's the future of everything we believe in as freedom loving Americans.

"The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money" - Margaret Thatcher

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flicka47 said...

Not just scream at the d8%n jerks,but make sure every non-polical person you know understands and does the same. We need to make the muddle understand they are being sold out.
Be specific and use every means at your diposal to make people understand THEY have to "melt the lines" to let Congress know this should not fly,and why.

tw "sanded" yeah,THAT"s what I want to do to Congress!