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Monday, January 19, 2009

Ripped Wright Returns... to adulation

The much-ripped Reverend Wright returned to Washington this past weekend and it was all about the love... He didn't damn our country, he kept it all about The One... oh, and God, of course.

According to Wright it seems now that Obama is to assume the office, America is once again a land of possibilities (sorry immigrants), a land that will be saved (sorry all of you who spent this weekend worshipping) and a land where all of a sudden self-reliance is the way to go (uh, sorry about that pilgrims... and all of you out there who pulled yourself up by your own bootstraps). It was all peaches and cream.
Wright went back and forth from Obama to a passage from the Gospel of John about people who overcome sickness and challenges. "No more seeing ourselves through the eyes of people who don't look like us!" he said. "How does God see us?"

In the impassioned oratory for which he is known, Wright said Obama was able, "as the Lord stepped into his story," to envision himself doing anything -- heading the Harvard Law Review, taking a U.S. Senate seat, even winning the presidency.

I would bet the Rev. Wright was crowing internally as he stepped back into his "rightful" pulpit... straight from his life of luxury... the un-repentant son coming back to preach of things non-controversial (to some) while the media spotlight still shines on him and the chosen candidate has taken the White House.

I wonder what the right Reverend Wright thinks about the fact that Obama and family haven't been going to church these past few months? Even if BHO didn't go because of his concern for church members, you'd think he would have set up a regular prayer session or private church session at his home. I bet the ministers would line up for the opportunity to pray with the President-elect and family once a week.

Ya think maybe some of the pundits were correct when they said Obama chose Wright's church because it was a good political move? Ya think maybe it bit him on the behind and almost cost him the election? Or do you think in hind-sight that the Wright issue brought out so much white-guilt that it helped him to win? I don't really want to rehash the past, so don't feel obligated to comment... we got what we got and while it's important to learn from our mistakes, I don't think this set of circumstances could ever happen again in a million years. I was just musing in type.

Big Turnout For Obama's Former Pastor
By Michelle Boorstein
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, January 19, 2009;
Page A09
A year after then-candidate Barack Obama distanced himself from his controversial longtime pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright thrilled thousands of churchgoers yesterday morning in Washington, giving a sermon holding up Obama as a spiritual symbol of possibility.

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