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Friday, January 9, 2009

Will Sarah Palin run for Governor again?

After my last post rec'd this comment:
Just curious: if you don't think that Governor Palin is going to run for
re-election in 2010, what do you think that she will be doing in those two years
between when her term ends and 2012? I would think that she'd have a better
chance at getting elected as president if she was a sitting governor in her
second term. Also, why exactly don't you think that she will run for

I thought it was a great question, approved it for posting, but wanted to answer here instead of stuck at the end of my last post .

There are a number of reasons I think she won't run for Governor again.

Now that she's "out there" in the national eye, I think it will be harder for her to convince Alaskans that she's NOT going to run for Prez. She'd have to run for Governor answering questions about whether she'll complete her term or take off after a year (or less) to campaign. I can't see her lying or giving the typical political waffling answer so many give when they plan to run in the middle of their current term if elected.

I don't think she can afford to take a chance on losing, or not coming in as strong as she has in the past, because part or all of her electorate believe she'll be running for prez.

She also has the liability of now being in the media's eye in a negative manner. They continue to go after her like she's a sitting terrorist or worse. It's unprecedented and completely off-balanced and biased. Some people are being brain washed, not just hear in the lower states, but up there in her state I'd imagine. Time will tell on that front. We're doing everything we can to combat the smears!

Another reason for not being a sitting Governor while running for President is that as we saw in this last election, it's becoming a much longer process. It's not impossible to run for President and still try to run a state, but it's not easy and a lot of constituents will not be happy.

I think it was easy for Alaskans to understand having their Governor be tapped out of the blue to be a Vice Presidential candidate. It's a different matter when she's planning a run for an office.

What's she going to be doing for two years?

She'll be making sure she's on the right shows, in the right places and preparing for the biggest and most important election of her life --- and ours! She'll be lining up the right people to help her win. She'll be testing people for loyalty, organizing, getting the grassroots movement networked and many, many other things.

She'll be working to win.


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Ted said...

Obama can't be POTUS.

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