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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tired of YouTube? How about a conservative alternative?

We all know that Google, YouTube, Blogger and friends are in the "other court". I've been looking for alternatives to many of these groups that someday may ascribe to the un-Fairness Doctrine and try to shut us all down.

We ran experiments during the election with Google and Blogger... we'd start up a new blog, do a Google Alert on the content or some of the words in the title.

The conservative leaning blogs rarely, if ever, made it onto the searches. Those that had to do with benign topics or politics without a right-leaning slant showed up just fine. We couldn't say it was the number of readers and links, cause we monitored those, too. High readership and incoming links counted zippo.

So, although it wasn't a huge sampling and I wouldn't go to the bank with our loose findings, it convinced me that I needed to find a way to move my blogs to a more conservative medium, one where the founder didn't get choked up about Obama's election ... and blogs didn't get shut down for days until the review crew could look at them...

Today I received a forwarded email from my friend Steve Maloney (a great conservative and a valiant fighter for Sarah Palin). In it Rebekah (I won't use her last name 'cause I don't have permission) shared some alternatives to YouTube. Thank you, thank you.

Here's a portion of her email:
Here are some other sites if I can get my buddies off of Youtube. This is a conservative website for videos Heritage New Media Partners, Inc.- NMA TV, http://www.nmatv.com/. The next is Eyeblast TV http://www.eyeblast.tv/public/Default.aspx. The is another called NING, http://www.ning.com/.

YT keeps suspending our accounts because of anti-obama videos (regarding issues), pro Bush, McCain or Palin videos. Check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDiG8WV03cI.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Ning. That's the group where Team Sarah has their site, America Coast 2 Coast, Real USA and others have set up shop. It's more of a social network than a video site I think, but then again, I haven't been to the main page, only to the various social networks.

I did go check out www.hmatv.com. It's pretty cool. After I finish this blog I'm hopping over to Eyeblast to see what it's like. I may have a hard time weaning myself completely away from YouTube if I don't find a lot of music on Eyeblast! I like to pull up YouTube and go to my personal account with all my favorite music. No strain on space on the computer and it's a hodgepodge of music to fit my mood. Guess I'll have to consider Rhapsody or one of those other music stations if Eyeblast doesn't fit the bill.

Here are Steve Maloney's blogs if you'd like to read and follow:

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Grace Explosion said...

Great idea. Let's all move out of YouTube since they don't support our freedoms. Let them lose all revenues from advertising, etc... and let's let the free market work!! Hallelujah!! The internet is a free frontier. :) Let's hope it stays that way.