“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, February 6, 2009

Don't forget the Fairness Doctrine!

While we're all concentrating on trying to stop the stimulus, Obama, Pelosi and team are working on ways to further their other agendas (which all dovetail together nicely, of course). Once again talk radio is a target of the left and they're going to be trying to slide that one through soon. Talk radio is a thorn in their side and as long as conservatives talk show hosts are out there talking, they can't sneak things through (or whitewash the bills sufficiently so we think they're innocuous).

Another one that is winding it's way into law that needs our full attention is the Employee Fair Choice Act. You know, the one that takes choice away from workers and will make the Unions another arm of government? It's a power grab by the Unions and payback from Obama and friends for getting them into office.

Either one of those two will spell "the end" for America the brave and the free.

Health care is another bad one coming down the pike. I don't know if we can stop that one, but I certainly intend to try.

Think about our government running MORE of our lives! Did you hear last night that our government paid something like $30 or $40 billion for AIG assets worth $14 million or billion? My husband walked in and told me about it so I'm getting that second hand. Here's a quote from a CNBC story (sorry, but that's the first one that came up... arrggg, hate to give them any publicity):
The Congressional Oversight Panel report said the Treasury overpaid financial institutions by about $78 billion in its capital injections last year through the Troubled Asset Relief Program. It paid $254 billion in 2008 in return for stocks and warrants worth $176 billion under the Troubled Asset Relief Program. http://www.cnbc.com/id/29045660/site/14081545/for/cnbc/

My own tale of government intelligence is a doosey, which I'll save for another day. It has to do with taxes.

I used to work for the government, sad to say. I worked for a quasi-government agency that the government enveloped into their fold after I'd been there ten years. Talk about a change in philosophy. I was actually called into the office and chastised because I was working too efficiently and it was making everyone else look bad... I was told not to stay after hours to finish critical projects (even though I was salary and it didn't cost them a penny).

That's the day I decided I'd finally had enough and started working toward starting my own business. That day was also a turning point in my shift from "liberal" to conservative. While I was in my corporate cocoon, I didn't have to think for myself, didn't have to be responsible. I had fun, lived for the day and went with the flow. I didn't spend a whole lot of brain energy thinking about politics, where the country was headed, and the issues of the day.

I'll share more of my story someday, suffice it to say that as you can tell when I pop in here to blog, I'm aware now!

We have something precious in this country and I fear that we are getting ready to lose it. I saw the previous post one of my Barracuda Babe friends posted. It is SCARY. We have to stand up and fight like we've never fought before.

They are going to be adding little bits and pieces into bills that will further their agenda. I don't know what their ultimate goal is, all I can do is look at what is being proposed and guess.

Please, please, please pick up the phone and call. Send an email. Write a letter. If you're like I used to be and your day to day life consumes you, try to carve out 20 minutes a day to skim the Internet and read BOTH sides (if you're inclined to float left). Try to keep an open mind.

- Barracuda Babe extraordinaire

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