“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dr. Orly's Defend our Freedom Convention‏

"There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction"..... John F. Kennedy

A message from Lyn on Dr. Orly's Defend our Freedom Convention:

I used the quote at the top as I think this is where we stand today. We have to act, even if we are ones that are not used to being part of the action. I do not know about you but I am tired of seeing Obama compared to John F. Kennedy. I am tired of seeing Obama products, especially Obama on a coin with JFK.

I am pleased to announce that we have dates confirmed for the Defend Our Freedom Convention at the Hilton in Ft. Worth, Texas. The symbolic importance of this hotel is that it is the hotel where JFK and the First Lady, Jacqueline, spent their last night before traveling the next day to Dallas where he was assassinated on Nov 22, 1963. According to the Hilton website,

“His final speech came minutes later in the hotel’s Crystal Ballroom where 2,000 attendees joined the President and First Lady for breakfast. In only a few short hours the Hilton Fort Worth hotel in Texas would go down in history as the place where President John F. Kennedy spent his last night.”

It was there that JFK said, "There are no faint hearts in Fort Worth.’’ It is there that we will prove that statement still to be true.

For reasons, the date for this convention will be May 8- May 10. The group will meet half a day on Friday, full day on Saturday, then we will end at noon on Sunday. On Friday, Orly wants us to go to the Federal Court Building and meet with people. Guest speakers will be announced later but, for your information, plans do include at least one constitutional specialist and a state congressional representative, and various other officials.

Today, while I was on the phone with Dr. Orly, the hotel called back and agreed to go with a lower price. I am happy with the negotiations. I am telling you this, as I want you to know I am working to get you the best deals possible, whether on room, registration fees, or any other expenses. Due to the number of people we are hoping will attend, I am limited on the number of hotels who have meeting rooms that hold that number of people. However, not only are we getting a good price, we are getting a hotel that is symbolic for our cause.

The hotel started out with a $159.00 + taxes and fees per night price. Those attending will be paying $99.00. With taxes/fees, the price per night will be $114.00. The hotel is checking to see if they have an airline willing to work with us on prices.

The hotel will be sending me a form for those needing a room to complete and send in when they make their reservation. Anyone who needs the form, please send me an email at freedomfinally@lycos.com. Once you send in the form to the hotel, I ask you to email me and let me know it is sent so I can cross-reference with the hotel to make sure that everyone is registered with our group correctly. This will affect the meal count, especially for the evening reception.

As things are confirmed with the hotel, I will be updating you. I can say that there will be a reception either Friday night or Saturday night. The day of the reception depends on how many are going to be able to attend on Friday. There will be a bar but it will be a cash bar so I will get prices on that to those who wish to purchase drinks, if you will email me about it.

Now what we need for you to do is spread the word about this: we want the place full of people.

We also need to start thinking of some ways to raise money, even if just bake sales..

If you cannot come but would like to help sponsor someone else who can come, if there is funding for them to come, then let me know.

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Grace Explosion said...

I'd like to go. I'd like to be more active this year in different causes. I'm not certain my schedule and circumstances will allow. But let's see how the year goes. Thanks for the "heads up".