“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keep calling, keep writing! Don't stop fighting!

The stimulus (porkulus) battle is not over yet! We have to continue calling, writing and faxing. I've read that the three turncoats who stabbed their Party and the rest of us in the back didn't have a clue about all the horrific things stuck in the government growth bill. They haven't read it.

Over the next few days Pelosi, Reid and friends are going to try and add as much as they can into the bill. We need to keep the pressure on them.

Although I'm going to call and write, because I'll go down in flames rather than sitting waiting for the bus to roll over me... I don't think the Democrats give a flying flip about any of their constituents now that they, and 3 Republicans, have their stimulus package. Once this stimulus package is fully implemented, they won't need us anymore. Our votes and voices are going to be worthless. Especially if they manage to implement the Fairness Doctrine and the Employee Free Choice Act.

Americans will be on life-support and the government will be the breathing machine.

Preying on the fear of Americans who aren't really paying attention, they've tipped the balance of power and we're no longer just dipping our toe into the socialist pool, we're halfway immersed.

I didn't mean to get on a rant here... I really just meant to post this email from the www.nostimulus.com group... forgive me, I'm heart sick about what is happening to our country. I'm praying we somehow manage to band together to stop the madness.

From Americans for Prosperity:

Just minutes ago in the U.S. Senate we suffered a difficult defeat as the $838 billion senate version of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama spending bill passed with 61 votes. While today's vote is a disappointing setback we cannot afford to be discouraged. Much of this fight still lies ahead in the next few days.

The bill still must to go to conference to work out differences between the House and Senate versions. Speaker Pelosi will fight to add back as much pork as possible, including brand new big government programs not in either the House or Senate version. So, we still have several days (most likely until Friday or Saturday) to keep turning up the pressure on these congressional barons.

At the same time, due to the dedicated work of people like you and the good common sense of our fellow citizens, our movement keeps exploding!

In less than 24 hours yesterday we went from 96,000 petition signers on NoStimlus.com to 204,000 signers! That's incredible and shows the momentum we've got. Simply put: as Americans learn about this bill and hear about our effort, they respond no matter what the pundits in the media say.

You and I both know about the outrageous pork barrel spending in this bill, but there is another element of this legislation that is simply chilling. That is the provision in this legislation for your health care.

Hidden in the dark recesses of this trillion dollar spending bill are the first steps towards government run health care including:

- Government rationing of your health care especially for seniors and the chronically ill
Federal ownership and control of your medical records

- Under the bureaucratic jargon of “Comparative Effectiveness Review” the package earmarks several billion dollars for the first steps towards taking us to a Canadian or, even worse, British health care system that will lower the quality of our health care while trampling individual rights.

Betsy McCaughey points out in a stunning piece on Bloomberg News, just how far the bill goes. Her article is currently featured on Drudge.

We have three to five days to drive home this new message. I know you signed the petition on www.nostimulus.com and for that I'm so thankful.

Many of you have called your senators telling them to vote no because of the pork and waste and debt in this bill. However, the earmarks in this Pelosi/Reid/Obama bill earmarking billions for the "Comparative Effectiveness Review" (meaning government run health care) is new information for most Americans and sadly, even most Senators. So, I'm asking you to go a step further than you've gone and call and email your representatives again to drive home the health care point.

Take a moment to read the McCaughey piece on Bloomberg News by clicking here now or go to Heritage.org for more information. Then, call and email your Senators to tell them this Pelosi/Reid/Obama bill threatens your health care and that's yet another crucial reason to vote NO.

On FOX news yesterday the commentator asked me if this bill could really be defeated. I told him what I know from my own experience: Americans don't give up.

That's why I know you and I are going to keep fighting straight through.

Sincerely,Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

P.S. Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi are aggressively pushing to have a final vote by Friday night. They know what we know -- pressure is building against their trillion dollar spending spree because of folks like you. They are watching NoStimulus.com and see that thanks to you we're well over 200,000 petition signers. They're hunkered down in their offices getting the phone calls and emails. They know time is on our side. Let's keep building the pressure to slow down this vote.

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