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Friday, February 6, 2009

Wake Up America on the Stimulus

Wake Up America movement is an all volunteer non-partisan grass roots network, as many of you know. A core team of volunteers have diligently examined the contents of the current bill before Congress - HR1. What we have learned about what's happening in Washington is no less than astonishing.

Your Future may depend on it. Once you do, you may think this is all too incredible to be true. SO COME SEE IT FOR YOURSELF at WAKE UP AMERICA WEBSITE
We have posted the entire HR-1 in exclusive downloadable form for signed in Volunteers, like yourself. W.A.M. also has opened a special page on website to see specific excerpts of


1. HR1 opens with a positive sounding statement about its contents being only for the purposes of immediate actions to support economic recovery. THIS IS NOT SO! As a hint of some of what's to come in its SIX HUNDRED AND FORTY SEVEN pages - its introductory statement immediately switches the subject to the (very complicated) terms of the GRANT MONEY that it contains. Have you ever heard of an economy in crisis being saved by the circulation of funds being poured into GRANT MONEY?!

2. As reported on FOX news briefly, the presumed organizer of this self-destructive volume of insanity, is Rep. David Obey of Wisconsin, whose own son stands to gain millions in government investment if this measure passes. But THAT is only a drop in the bucket of pork barrel spending included in HR-1. But here is what's worse: The purpose of the bill's high volume of self-serving sub-clauses (each adding MILLIONS OF DOLLARS MORE in non-economic emergency expenditures) is for one end: to BUY THE VOTE of every Congressman required for HR-1 passage! This Obama strategy for bribing public officials is nothing new. He has used it successfully - with Axelrod's help - throughout his rapid-fire rise to power. Here is the REAL REASON for buying up Congressional votes at this critical time:

3. HR-1 is ONLY THE FIRST in a package of TEN BILLS preparing to be launched in our Congress. Together they represent the obliteration of the American way of life as we have known it. As the public knows T.A.R.P. BILLIONS came first - and is already being shown NOT TO IMPROVE THE ECONOMY. They are claiming that's because it's just "not enough." Any logical criticism of HR-1 is now also being brushed aside on the basis "We know it's not perfect but we need to do something FAST."

4. Each of these TEN PIECES OF DESTRUCTIVE and COSTLY LEGISLATION has a politically correct sounding Title. Together these form a body of nearly-irreversible SOCIALISM and their underlying intention is clear: Flood so much currency and power into the hands of Obama's supporters that the influence of his backers becomes an unstoppable political machine pursuing its own agenda - and its agenda does NOT serve We the People it is supposed to represent!

5. This currently unreported package of TEN BILLS are under the vast umbrella of the "Obama Economic Recovery Plan." The strategy is simple, really: to manipulate the emotions of the American public and orchestrate the purse strings of Congress - all FALSELY DISGUISED as necessary to improve our current plight. Notice how the Media has stopped talking about the "bail-out" and is now using the term "Stimulus Plan." When the next bill package comes up for a rapid-fire slam-dunk, they'll just call that one by a different name and so on and so on.

6. Which brings us to the most critical question: WHO IS REALLY WRITING ALL THIS LEGISLATION that will affect our families for generations to come? On January 7, 2008: The 10 Bill Package of "Obama Economic Recovery Plan" was introduced in the House of Representatives. On January 14, 2008 each of these Bills was no more than a few paragraphs in length - with appealing Titles followed by a few vague sentences. That's all there was! Yet, before January ended the OPENING PIECE OF LEGISLATION - HR1 mushroomed to 647 pages long! Ask yourself: How could Congress possibly have written much material on so many sweeping topics in just a few weeks? Then go on to the bigger question: Who in our House of Representatives actually read every page in this bill - and studied the use of the BILLIONS of Dollars being handed out throughout these pages? IT IS OBVIOUS THE HOUSE PASSED THIS BILL ONTO THE SENATE WITHOUT ACTUALLY READING IT - and quite possibly NOT having authored it in Congress itself!!!


Despite Obama's statement that "less than 1%" of this bill includes costs unrelated to economic urgency, MOST HR-1 CONTENTS HAVE NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH RESOLVING THE ECONOMIC CRISES. Everyone willing to Vote It In is earmarked to get a piece of the pie for their own special interests.

These billions in pay-offs- built into HR! - are covering up subcategories within the legislation designed exclusively for Obama's self serving political ends- individually and collectively they threaten our usual rights as citizens in a free Republic. These include:

- Massive funding of ACORN, despite the fact that the organization is under indictment in at least 12 states!

- Additional funding for another Obama campaigning arm - under the guise of support for the Analog to Digital conversion

- A huge volume of surreptitious GRANT funding to be distributed for questionable purposes of an extended period of time.

- Enormous bundled funding for "technology advances" (to improve outreach of propaganda and invasions of privacy.)

- Unbelievable extravagances in the upgrades of federal buildings and vehicles completely contradictory to our emergency status.

LAST, BUT FAR FROM LEAST: over ALMOST TWO HUNDRED PAGES of new Laws & Government Expenditures to NATIONALIZE the records of all Health Care providers into ONE DATA BASE which requires every American's Health Records be accessible to ANY who have access to said DATA BASE. This measure also refers to usage of the database by the federal government for BIO-SURVEILLANCE.

To do something about the dangerous insanity currently overtaking CAPITOL HILL sign in to help Wake Up America - GET INVOLVED

To better inform others you know whose lives will also be effected by HR-1, forward them the following link: THE NEW CONGRESS

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