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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Whack-a-Mole Pelosi butts heads with Obama

Nancy Pelosi has this grin plastered on her face every time I see her that reminds me of The Joker most days. She is ecstatic that "she" won. Her Constitution killing agenda has been given wings and she is thrilled.

I've wondered as I watched the stimulus package zip into nightmare reality just who was pulling the strings, Obama or Pelosi and crew. It seems the power struggles between the Presidential office and Congress will continue in this administration.

Obama seems to be more centrist in some areas. However, where he is moderate, Pelosi and friends in Congress are not. Whacky Mole Pelosi is more than willing to cheerfully push through the initiatives of Obama's that she likes, usually with a few more tidbits to make his bad ideas worse. But in "exchange" for doing what she wanted to do in the first place, I'd guess she and Reid are exacting a price. Support for his agenda entails his support of her agenda.

Bottom line - we're screwed.

Pelosi butts heads with Obama

Nancy Pelosi repeatedly stood to applaud Barack Obama when he addressed a joint session of Congress Tuesday night. But in the days since, the speaker of the House has been standing up for herself — distancing herself from the president on Iraq, on tax cuts and on the prosecution of former Bush administration officials.

Pelosi’s aides say the speaker was comfortable playing the role of Obama’s shield during the stimulus fight — Republicans teed off on her rather than on the immensely popular new president — and that she remains strongly supportive of the administration on health care, energy and education reform.

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