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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Protesters needed

Man, I haven't hoisted a placard since my liberal days, back before I grew a brain! I'm willing to pull out the paint and cardboard for this one. Unfortunately I don't live anywhere near so won't be able to participate. I received this from Team Sarah:

NBC's Athena Jones:
On Monday, per White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, President Obama will travel to Elkhart, IN for a town hall meeting about his stimulus plan. And he'll hit another town hall in Fort Myers, FL on Tuesday. Both cities are hard hit by unemployment. In addition, he'll make a day trip to Springfield, IL on Thursday to celebrate Lincoln's birthday.

They're asking for stimulus protesters. Check into Team Sarah for details.

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Grace Explosion said...

OH would that I could!! I was just saying on my blog that we need to organize and protest. I'm going to dedicate some real time to that in 2009, Lordwilling. At some level. If Team Sarah has a grassroots effort to protest - great!! Maybe I'll work for/with them and/or the Repubs. Thanks for sharing.