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Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm on a roll... more on the stimulus

NYT: Obama Predicts Support From G.O.P. for Stimulus Proposal

Obama Will Require Banks to Expand Lending as Condition for Aid
Bloomberg - USA2 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama will require banks to boost lending to consumers and companies in return for taxpayer aid from the $700 billion ...

The Hill: Centrists question spending in stimulus

The Hill: Senators predict stimulus bill will change

Obama seen unveiling bank TARP rules first: source
Reuters - USA
President Barack Obama's finance team is working on the second stage of a $700 billion financial services rescue package, which was enacted last year to ...

Stimulus Package Set to Grow in Senate
A push in the Senate to expand business-tax cuts and infrastructure spending in the economic-stimulus plan making its way through Congress poses a challenge for Democratic leaders, who want to keep the package's cost below $1 trillion.
Big fights loom this week as the Senate opens debate on its version of the stimulus, a package of tax cuts and spending with a price tag approaching $900 billion.

Too Little Bang for The Bucks
Obama avoided all the hard choices in the stimulus bill.

House Republicans' Stand Against Stimulus Provides Fodder for Democratic Ads
President Obama's economic stimulus plan may have passed the House last week, but the political fallout from the vote is just getting started.
Witness a new national radio ad campaign sponsored by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee targteting more than two dozen Republican lawmakers for their opposition to the bill. (No Republican voted for the legislation, which passed 244 to 188.)

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