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Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'll vote for the steel magnolia

Rod Dreher: The Beehive buzzes for Sarah Palin
07:47 AM CDT on Sunday, September 21, 2008
If you want to understand why Sarah Palin has made such a powerful connection with American voters, don't listen to the political professionals. Listen to the voice of the Beehive.

The Beehive is the Wasilla hair salon where Ms. Palin has had her hair done since 2002. She kept going back to the Beehive even after she became the state's governor. A New York Times profile of the salon revealed a Steel Magnolias-style place where a close-knit community of women shares their everyday trials and triumphs. Ms. Palin remained loyal to the Beehive even after she hit the big time. She's that kind of woman, and people sense that about her.

It should be obvious, of course, that one shouldn't choose vice presidents based on hair care. That's not the point. Ms. Palin's relationship to the Beehive telegraphs both her authenticity and her sense of community. She's the real deal – and that made a "gut values connection" with Americans.

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