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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live?

I don't think so, but there was some speculation on Fox News & Friends this morning CLEARLY stated as speculation. Seems the Secret Service have been checking out the floor where Saturday Night Live is shot, which is something they do before one of the candidates appears.

I think it's going to be Barack Obama. He postponed his appearance before due to the hurricane.

He won't postpone the debates due to a financial hurricane and doesn't want the topic changed. National security and related? Who care right now when most of us are thinking about our stocks, 401K's. retirement and our future financial well-being?

I don't want Sarah on SNL after how they were so nasty to her husband and children with the incest skit. Unless the reason she's on there is so the entire cast can walk up front and APOLOGIZE profusely.

Now, if Barack goes on there during this financial crisis it'll show what he's really thinking about (which we already know), and that is numero uno, Barack Obama.

We have a financial crisis and he's having $30,000 a ticket fund raisers. We're wondering where our next dollar is coming from to pay for gas and he's flying a plane back and forth to debates. How much gas is THAT going to take? Why aren't the environmental types out protesting?

The Left is trying to spread the idea around that John McCain is scared to debate Obama. Sure guys, show your intelligence on that one! John McCain is the one who wanted around 10 town hall meetings with Barack Obama and your guy is the one who turned them all down, couldn't handle talking to John McCain and a group of people at the same time. Gee, isn't that multi-tasking? What is so scary about talking to the American People and answering their questions?

Which has me thinking about Barack Obama's talks to the public. Has he done any talks where he answered questions from the "regular" people or just from the press? Every talk I've seen has him standing behind a teleprompter.

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