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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama is scaling back in Georgia per WSB Radio

Posted 5:35am 9/10/08
(WSB Radio) It seems as if Barack Obama no longer has Georgia on his mind and, instead, in his mind he's going to Carolina.

North Carolina that is.

Staffers with the Democratic candidate confirm Obama has shifted workers out of his offices in Georgia and moved them to more competitive states, like North Carolina.

Campaign officials would not say how many staffers are moving out of Georgia. There are 75 paid workers in the state for the Obama campaign.

The campaign insists they are not giving up on Georgia and will still have an effective staff here.
Voter registration drives will continue, and two new campaign offices will be opening this week; one in DeKalb County and the other in Savannah...

If you want to read the rest, click here: http://wsbradio.com/news/091008obamaga.html

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