“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, September 27, 2008

An uh-duh moment on the Dems and Sarah Palin

I'm sure wiser minds than mine have already thought and discussed this, but all of sudden this evening it hit me. The Democrats understand that the Republicans stand a good chance of beating them when it comes to putting the first woman in as President (not just Vice President).

They dumped their best bet for first female President, Hillary Clinton.

Then they ignored her as a Vice Presidential candidate.

Now we have a fantastic woman running for Vice President who, if elected, has an excellent chance of being the first female President somewhere down the road. I'd venture to say she stands a good chance of being President even if (God forbid) we don't win in November.

The Democrats are green with envy. They are supposed to have the "firsts" when it comes to women and minorities as they see it, even though the factual records don't support the contention that they actually promote equality in any category be it gender or race.

We have a good looking, articulate, intelligent (brilliant), personable woman who lives what they supposedly espouse and they can't stand it.

They wouldn't like her simply because she's a Republican, no matter what else she believed. However, the fact that she is going to beat them to that "first" is scaring them half to death. The fact that so many of us think she is fantastic and so many women are rallying to her side is curling their toes in envy, is ripping them a new one and driving them nuts. Especially since no matter what they do, no matter what they try, she just keeps gaining support.

Until tonight I hadn't thought about the long-term Presidential "first" aspect of having Sarah in the race, although I fully expected her to be President someday. I hadn't considered how crazy it must be making the Democrats and how it has tossed their plans into disarray! They felt they could get away with Barack Obama on the ticket with anyone, they figured Democratic women would fall in line and vote Democratic. They were wrong. Women are TIRED of being taken for granted and whether we believe exactly the same way Sarah does on every issue is beside the point. We identify with her independence and willingness to forge her own path.

I can't end without again saying thanks to John McCain for having the good judgement to pick Sarah Palin! He did it his way and his way was the right way!

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