“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Really critical that we have that bailout, huh?

Yep, the world is coming to an end if we don't get that bailout yesterday. No wait, we had to have it the day before to keep everything from collapsing. Aw, man, wrong again, we had to have it last week if we were going to save the world.

OK, missed the deadline for the end of the world, so lets just take a couple of days off.

Ho hum, everything still working?

Sho nuff? OK, why not wait another week or so and just see how it goes.

No way, we have to do it the day we get back from our time off or the world will collapse.

Anyone out there on "main street" believing the hype?

Anyone out there on "main street" believe there isn't a better way to handle this mess without putting the same folks who messed it up in charge of cleaning it up?

If this was really so critical how come the twelve guys on Barnie's committee voted no? They only needed twelve votes to pass the thing. 94 or 95 Democrats didn't vote for it. Why couldn't they just go along with Nancy to set the world back on its financial axis? It came down to twelve votes if I totaled the numbers correctly. Twelve.

Am I the only person who finds it peculiar that Pelosi is so all fired up about getting a plan from the Bush administration through? There has to be some powerful incentives in there for the Democrats, such as more power for the government and less for the people.

When I think about the IRS, Welfare, Social Security, and every other agency or program the government handles I cringe to think what could become of this one.

The media keep trying to paint the angst of "main street" as hating having fat cats leave failing companies with golden parachutes. I don't like it but that's not my main beef with the bailout at all. I don't want the grasping fingers of the government taking over anything they can mess up, and mess it up they will.

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