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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Google Alerts for the Day

Here's the blogs and news stories Google chose to send me today. Tell me there's not a bias! There's one I want to read, it's the one about beehive buzzes for Sarah Palin. I can't turn on the television without hearing Sarah Palin's name and I can't pick up a newspaper without seeing it and somehow this is the best Google can come up with! They're definitely not picking up any conservative blogs. Sooner or later they're going to get mad at me for continuing to harass them and my blog is going to disappear, right after the Read My Lips Network blog because I saw a comment on that one, too. I may have some fun with the Google alerts and put in the word conservative, another for Republican, and maybe some other terms just to see what they choose to send! It's a great service in theory.

Google News Alert for: "sarah palin"

Telegraph.co.ukSarah Palin to meet first foreign leader at UN
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom
Senator John McCain's vice-presidential running mate will meet a foreign leader for the first time when she holds talks with President Hamid Karzai of ...See all stories on this topic

Palin Email Hacker Found
Slashdot - USAnetbuzz writes "'Anonymous,' best known for its jousts with Scientology, has apparently hacked Sarah Palin's private Yahoo email account. ...See all stories on this topic

Palin Hackers Behind Sick Pranks
Sky News - UK
The hackers who broke into Sarah Palin's email account are behind a host of sick pranks - including harassing a dead boy's parents by pretending to be his ...See all stories on this topic

Rod Dreher: The Beehive buzzes for Sarah Palin
Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA
If you want to understand why Sarah Palin has made such a powerful connection with American voters, don't listen to the political professionals. ...See all stories on this topic

The Race to the White House – Palin 'failin'
The Nation Newspaper - Bridgetown,St. Michael,Barbados
Before then, the Obama campaign had been unfocused and tentative, clearly thrown off-balance by the way Sarah Palin had come out of nowhere to ignite the ...See all stories on this topic

• Polpourri: Palin mixes up her Rapids
MLive.com - MI,USA
So, in what CBS News called the time-honored gaffe of rock stars and politicians on tour, Sarah Palin took the stage in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Thursday and ...See all stories on this topic

Only Clinton, Palin similarity? They're both women
Chicago Tribune - United StatesJohn McCain has calculated that Sarah Palin as his vice presidential nominee would help grab women voters, especially disaffected Hillary Clinton backers. ...See all stories on this topic

Palin stance on family issues divides women
San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA
When Charlie Gibson asked Sarah Palin if questions about her ability to balance work and family were sexist, her response electrified female voters in both ...See all stories on this topic

McCain drew $8.8 million in two days after Palin selection
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
Sarah Palin would join him on the Republican ticket -- his biggest two-day haul of the long-running presidential campaign. The Republican National Committee ...See all stories on this topic

Seattle Times - Palin's stardom gives Stevens boost
Seattle Times - United StatesSarah Palin has not endorsed Sen. Ted Stevens. The 84-year-old Sen. Ted Stevens is a charter member in the good-old-boy network of Alaska politics. ...See all stories on this topic

Google Blogs Alert for: "sarah palin"

Drunk on Power: In Sarah Palin’s world it doesn’t matter what you ...
By canarypapers
And godforbid that the media would dare accuse Sarah Palin of a flagrant disregard for the laws of her state and her country, as she and her husband, et al, stonewall the State of Alaska’s ethics investigation into the possible abuse of ...canarypapers - http://canarypapers.wordpress.com

Palin's Religious Baggage - Sarah Palin Cartoon
A political cartoon about Sarah Palin's religious faith and the baggage she brings to the McCain campaign.
About.com Political Humor: What's... - http://politicalhumor.about.com/

Mary Ellen Emmons, Mama Jane, and Sarah Palin: Does Palin Have a ...
By santitafarella
Sarah Palin, now the vice presidential nominee on the Republican ticket, told ministry students at her former church that the US had sent troops to fight in Iraq on a “task that is from God.” ...Prometheus Unbound - http://santitafarella.wordpress.com

What Republicans Like About Sarah Palin
By Existen
Guy I came across this interesting graphic about what Republicans think of Sarah Palin on The New York Times website which gives you a “disturbing” look into the psyche of the people who support her. Click on the image for the full version. ...Just Wired - http://justwired.wordpress.com

Sarah Palin’s Bircher Mag: What Was In It
By David Neiwert According to Ben Smith, Team McCain has an explanation for that copy of the John Birch Society organ, The New American, that Sarah Palin was displaying in the 1995 photo of her that appeared in the New York Times: ...Firedoglake - http://firedoglake.com

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