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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just got back from An American Carol --- Go see it!

I laughed. That alone makes it worth going to see! But the message is great so that makes it very well worth going to see.

It has a great cast of characters. It's definitely a message movie!

The Hollywood types have given it rating on the low end (2 stars out of 5 and similar), but those who've been to see it are giving it 4 and 5 stars.

We need to support movies like this one. It's very direct, nothing subtle about it like the usual left-message movie, but given there's not many opportunities to put out movie vehicles with a good message, I think they had to be obvious.

Parents will find it's a good teaching movie with plenty to discuss afterwards. There's some language in it (no taking God's name in vain or the nasty stuff), and it's your typical Airplane (remember that movie?) type humor but it'll have you laughing and may even bring a few tears to your eyes with the strong patriotic message that runs through the entire picture.

Bottom line, go see it. Help the cause. If you have a problem with the bit of language, buy tickets and give them to some friends. I like it that a number of the actors in the movie are openly supporting John McCain. You have to love the fact that they feel so strongly about their values that they're willing to buck the rest of the Hollywood sheep.

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Tenacious Texan said...

My husband and I are dying to see this. Waiting for a sick child to get well...