“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More on God, Character and Judgement

I hit the post button on that last blog just a bit faster than I should have... I had more to say.

I have been thinking about the Reverend Wright and his brand of Christianity. I've also been thinking about how difficult it is to talk about the Rev without being called a racist.

It's OK for Obama to slap at those who hold their Bibles and religion close to their hearts, but it's not OK for us to talk about a man who preaches hate simply because the color of his skin might be different than mine.

When race is used to stop people from honest discussion of events and issues, then to my way of thinking it's just a different kind of racism. When we can talk openly about things without being branded racist, then we will be a truly color-blind country.

Barack Obama gets a "pass" when he slams those who believe in God as being idiots (at least that's how I took his comment), but a white man or woman can't say they don't like the words someone speaks if they have darker skin. Stupid, silly and it's a huge hammer that is held over the heads of people. It's used to keep us from speaking out, it's used to keep John McCain's campaign from speaking out.

I have had discussions on this subject with some of my black friends. We've talked at length about the difficulties they've experienced in life because of their skin color. I grew up military, which is about the most color-blind group of individuals you can be around. I didn't know that skin color mattered to anyone until I was in my teens.

I judge a person by their character, their judgement and their actions. I expect higher character, better judgement and stellar actions from my President. If I were to take a piece of paper and start linking up actions, judgement, experience, choices, friends and associates, and other factors John McCain would leave Barack Obama in the dust.

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