“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, October 10, 2008

What's "Liberal" Mean?

Over and over I hear (and I've written) that Barack Obama is either the most or one of the most liberal senators. It struck me as I heard someone say that yesterday, that for many who aren't involved, who are still sitting firmly in the middle, that while to us that's anathema, it may not resonate or have any real meaning.

What does it mean to be the most liberal? Why should it matter to people?

I think that we need to spell it out. We don't just need to say "he's the most liberal", we need to follow it up with what he's done and be clear about why that is not the best direction for our country. We need to connect the liberal dots for dummies ;-)

Hey, that's a great blog name "dots for dummies". I may just set it up to have it!

Anyway, anyway, anyway... I don't have time at the moment to go into details. I have work piling up in stacks that are falling on the floor simply because I'm so committed to getting Sarah Palin and John McCain elected!

Don't be disheartened by the polls, we're way ahead of many in past elections! If anything, use the polls to give you motivation to get your friends to vote (if they're voting McCain-Palin). Use every opportunity to talk to people about the upcoming election. Most of us are great at making friends in the check-out line... for the rest of the month make McCain votes instead!

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