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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

News & Commentary on Tonight's Debate

ABC News' Rick Klein: "[M]cCain is roaming the stage, playing to his strength. And comes out with a policy proposal to help people stay in their homes -- a strong lead answer, to have a meaty response to that. McCain looks confident early." (Rick Klein, "Live Debate Blog," ABC News' "Live Debate Blog," blogs.abcnews.com, 10/7/08)

The New York Times' Katharine Q. Seelye: "Mr. McCain is developing a chatty rapport with Mr. Brokaw about the candidates exceeding their time limits. He seems relaxed, as if he knows he is making a connection on a personal level. He roams the stage. Mr. Obama, who once stood in front of classes as a college professor, stands still while delivering his answers, and this one on health care sounds more like a lecture." (Katharine Q. Seelye, "McCain Warms To The Setting," The New York Times' "The Caucus" Blog, thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com, 10/7/08)

The Politico's Jonathan Martin: "McCain, taking a question from a naval retiree, gives him a pat on the shoulder and a firm handshake. 'Everything I ever learned about leadership, I learned from a chief petty officer,' says one old sailor to another. It was surely a moment that won a lot of nodding heads from vets all over the country." (Jonathan Martin, "Vets And Servicemembers Had To Love This Moment," The Politico's "Jonathan Martin" Blog, www.politico.com, 10/7/08)

· Martin: "McCain unveils a new pork-barrel project to be condemned: an overhead projector for a planetarium in Chicago that was included in Obama's earmarks." (Jonathan Martin, "The New Bears In Montana!!!" The Politico's "Jonathan Martin" Blog, www.politico.com, 10/7/08)

· Martin: "A strong close by the GOPer with: 'We can't afford somebody who needs on the job training, my friend.'" (Jonathan Martin, "McCain In Comfort Zone On National Security," The Politico's "Jonathan Martin" Blog, www.politico.com, 10/7/08)

· Martin: "Right at the outset, [McCain] offers empathy: 'Americans are angry, they're upset, and they're a little fearful.'" (Jonathan Martin, "McCain's 'I Feel Your Pain' Moment," The Politico's "Jonathan Martin" Blog, www.politico.com, 10/7/08)

CNN's Candy Crowley: "McCain seemed to answer first question [on a rescuing main street] better." (Candy Crowley, "How Tough Is Too Tough?" CNN's "Political Ticker" Blog, politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com, 10/7/08)

CNN's Bill Schneider: "That's a pretty fundamental questionshould there be for profit health care? Obama's answer...he's not answering the question." (Bill Schneider, "Obama Not Answering The Question," CNN's "Political Ticker" Blog, www.cnn.com, 10/7/08)

· Schneider: "McCain's tone is better at talking to the audience..." (Bill Schneider, "Are The Candidates Relating To The Audience," CNN's politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com, 10/7/08)

MSNBC's Pat Buchanan: "I think McCain did come in with more heart and more fight. And I agree with you, he was the aggressor. He was throwing the punches. He did it in a better way than he did it last week when I thought he had won on points. Here he smiled. He looked at his opponent. He looked at Tom Brokaw. He talked to the audience, and he did it in a more calm fashion. And I think he clearly scored more points than Barack Obama did." (MSNBC, 10/7/08)

National Review's Lisa Schiffren: "Is it necessary to explain the basics? McCain is doing really well with the audience in the room by doing so. Does it translate to the TV audience? McCain is really sounding clear, energetic and firm." (Lisa Schiffren, "Talking Down To The Audience," National Review's "The Corner" Blog, corner.nationalreview.com, 10/7/08)

Commentary's John Podhoretz: "This is McCain's mantra. I know how. I know how. Here's what I will do." (John Podhoretz, "I Know How To Do That," Commentary's "Contentions" Blog, www.commentarymagazine.com, 10/7/08)

Commentary's Daniel Casse: "[M]cCain is delivering tight, crisp, and extremely effective answers. Every answer has a similar structure: (a) I care about this issue (b) I've stood up against Bush/special interests on this issue (c) Obama has never taken a stand, never acted on this (d) so let's compare records." (Daniel Casse, "McCain's Well-Structured Answers," Commentary's "Contentions" Blog, www.commentarymagazine.com, 10/7/08)

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