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Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain Nightly Memo From: SE Regional Offices, Tallahassee

Saturday, 10/11/08
24 Days to the Election of John McCain
To: McCain Team Member

Topic: Obama is Not Ready to Lead
The ACORN-Obama Connection

ACORN, the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now, is under investigation in several states around the country for fraudently registering voters. According to election officials across the nation, about 50 % of all ACORN's voter registrations are fictitous. This week alone, ACORN offices in Nevada were raided by state officials- after the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys were falsely registered to vote in Las Vegas- and in Connecticut, a 7 year old child registered to vote as a 27 year old.Given ACORN's recent efforts to engage in v oter fraud and to disrupt our political system, it is particularly disturbing to learn that Senator Barack Obama has longtime ties to the group. These ties once again raise serious questions about Senator Obama's judgment and readiness to lead.

Below is a brief summary of Obama's connections to the organization:

The relationship between Barack Obama and ACORN dates back to the early 1990s, well before the start of his political career. In 1992, Obama directed Project Vote - an arm of ACORN that also encouraged voter registration. Around the same time, Obama began teaching classes for "Future Leaders Identified by ACORN," and according to an op-ed at the time, Obama continued his community organizing work largely through these classes.

Obama soon moved on from his role as a community or ganizer and became a trial attorney for ACORN. In 1995, Obama represented ACORN in a lawsuit against the state of Illinois for its supposed failure to implement a federal law designed to make voter registration easier, and thus increasing the likelihood of voter fraud. Obama also joined two well-known boards with strong ties to ACORN - the Woods Fund and the Joyce Foundation. Under Obama's watch, the Chicago ACORN branch received thousands of dollars in grants from both organizations.

During this year's Democrat primaries, Obama's campaign paid $832,000 to Citizens Services, an ACORN-affiliated organization, for get-out-the-vote efforts. Sensing the need to distance itself from the controversial organization, however, Obama's Federal Election Commission report mischaracterized this work as "staging and lighting."

Given his longstanding ties to the organization, it is not surprising that Obama accepted the endorsement of ACORN in 2008. In a press release touting the ACORN endorsement on his official campaign website, Obama says: "I've been fighting alongside ACORN on issues that you care about my entire career."

The Obama File: Poor Judgment

BY THE NUMBERS: Barack Obama's Opposition To Rescuing Homeowners In Perspective:

Barack Obama supported bailing out financial company Bear Stearns.

Cost to the Taxpayers: $29 billionBarack Obama supported bailing out corrupt mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Cost to the Taxpayers: $200 billion and countingBarack Obama supported baling out insurance company AIG.

Cost to the Taxpayers: $122.5 billion and counting

So now that Barack Obama has the chance to spend some of the $700 billion rescue plan on helping homeowners stay in their homes, what does he do?

Well, Senator Obama flat out opposes the idea of assisting homeowners. He sure doesn't have a problem bailing out his corrupt friends at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but apparently he does have a problem helping out struggling American families. Simply put, that is not the kind of leadership America needs.

Must See TV

Senator Barack Obama has a longstanding connection with unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. From his political introduction at Bill Ayer's house in 1995 to their service together on two boards, Sen ator Obama has long known Bill Ayers but has not been straightforward with the American people. This is an issue of judgment and candor and Senator Obama has not told the American people the truth about his relationship with Bill Ayers.

Watch the Ad Here: The Obama-Ayers Connection

CNN's investigative reporting unit revealed some shocking information about ACORN and Barack Obama's ties to the organization.

Watch the CNN Report Here: ACORN

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Obama's Magic
By Kimberly Strassel
The Wall Street Journal
October 10, 2008

And now, America, we introduce the Great Obama! The world's most gifted political magician! A thing of wonder. A thing of awe. Just watch him defy politics, economics, even gravity! (And hold your applause until the end, please.)

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McCain Campaign Outlines Mortgage Rescue Plan
By Carolyn Said
San Francisco Chronicle
October 9, 2008
During Tuesday's presidential debate, McCain, the Republican nominee, said he would order the Treasury secretary "to immediately buy up the bad home loan mortgages in America and renegotiate (them) at the new value of those homes, at the diminished value of those homes."

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Take Action Today-Phone Bank from Home

Last month, our campaign launched a grassroots effort to put you in touch with voters all across the country through our online phone bank. As Senator Barack Obama spends millions of dollars bombarding voters with negative and misleading information about John McCain, we need your help to fight back and expose Barack Obama's tax and spend liberal record.

Can you set aside a couple of hours each week to make calls for John McCain and Sarah Palin? You are the most effective surrogate we have in this campaign. By reaching out to undecided voters, one by one, you are taking a crucial step towards victory.

Follow this link today to make calls: www.JohnMcCain.com/PhoneBank

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Rezko, Wright, Raines, Ayers … and now Acorn!!! This is over the top. Obama’s a fraud and should not be allowed anywhere near the White House.