“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, October 31, 2008

Swaying the Last Minute Voters

We have just a few short days to get Sarah Palin and John McCain the votes they need to WIN on Tuesday. There's a lot of enthusiasm out there and I believe we can win.

If the enthusiasm that's there now had been there earlier it would be a land-slide win!!! We can do it, just keep trying, keep reaching out, and keep working to change the minds of any lager's and get those slowskies out to the polls.

How anyone could not know who they're voting for right now is beyond me, but there are many who are easily swayed, and sway they do... McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama... for many it's simply going to be a matter of who talks to them last about the election, which candidates calls them the most, the number of signs they see on lawns as they drive to the polls...

I have run or worked on a ton of local campaigns and I can tell you that in my informal exit polling, voters make choices for the dumbest of dumb reasons.

"He reminded me of my grandfather"
"He's cute"
"I was voting for my neighbor who's running for X and didn't know any of the other candidates so I just voted out the incumbent"
"I never vote for incumbents"
"She has more signs than anyone else"
"My aunt was voting for the other guy and I can't stand her"

Yep, I had people who really said some variation of all those, and they were willing to share.

Those are the voters that should be staying home in my estimation, but they are the ones who are the easiest to sway. If only we can reach them.

Obama's crowds are made up of many kool-ade drinkers. Many are simply followers and they are caught up in the idea of "change" without knowing what they're asking for with that "change".

Obama has done a great job of making himself the cool guy this election. I'm hoping there are enough thinking folks in our country who will look through the personae and vote with their brains.

Go visit www.JohnMcCain.com and go to the tab to the right about making phone calls. They give you a script and phone numbers to call. It's easy and it's fun! If you call during the day you're likely to get a recorder. Even if all you can do is make five calls and convince one person to vote for McCain, you will make a huge difference.

(BTW: Loved the Sarah Palin event earlier this week where everyone started shouting "Use Your Brains, Vote McCain." Wish we'd started with that one a lot earlier.)

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